Dinner is Served

Marcus skittered unceremoniously across the floor as the first of his attackers knocked him flying. They were stronger than human but that wasn’t surprising however they did not seem to possess the speed of strength of some of the clan’s. 

If Vincent was correct and these where the children of the Cappadocian witch their clan was not famed for it’s martial skill’s, but judging by the random and somewhat crude vicious nature of the initial attack they also lacked the usual placid and somewhat intellectual nature normally expected of their clan as well. 

Stumbling to his feet he shook himself off, he wasn’t really hurt for much as shocked and stunned. He’d half expected and hoped for some sort of bargaining to occur but the word ‘Ghoul’ seemed completely lost on them.  

Drawing his blade he readied himself the two creatures closing in a feral look in their eye. He realised then that even Vincent had underestimated the true nature of these creatures. Raw and savage these creatures had no concept of what being kindred was really about. Ruled completely by the blood they knew no restraint or control they lived to feed revelling in the power of the blood with no true understand of what gifts that blood conferred.    

The first rushed at him confident of its superiority, but found its eyes opening wide as it just as quickly found its self on the end of Marcus’s blade.  Pushing forward he tried to force it backwards. Vincent’s blood still trickling though his vein’s he found himself the stronger. 

With a quick jerk he pulled the blade free and the creature seemingly unconcerned by it’s injury’s continued to press forward causing Marcus to stumble backwards in an effort to get away from him. 

With the first creature bleeding Marcus could not help but notice the second’s interest in him slightly waver. The hunger of the blood suddenly drawn to the injured vampires wounds seeing his chance he lunged forward again, cutting the first creature deeply in the side near where the second stood. 

Bloodlust was a strange phenomenon hungry vampires where drawn to blood like a moth to a flame and those too weak willed to stop it would feed even when doing so would put them In danger and that’s exactly what this one did. 

Watching  with grim satisfaction as the second Vampire came lunging forwards but this time not at Marcus but at it’s companion, clamping it’s teeth soundly into the flesh of the wounded vampires neck it began to feed.

Drawing his blade he debated attacking, but concerned any attack may break the feeding and result I him once again fighting both, he watched and waited.  Timing his first blow to coincide with the moment the creature finished it’s meal and he was sure the first of his attackers was dead. 

The blow missed, a twinge in his shoulder caused by his fall, shot painfully though the joint’s causing his weapon to fall a fraction to soon and far from his mark on the neck of the creature.  It sliced instead into the creatures back causing shriek and suddenly remember what it had been doing before it started to feed. 

It’s wild eye’s suddenly shot upwards, the paleness of it’s skin a stark contrast against blood red that decorated it’s fanged mouth and clothes. It was hard to believe this thing had ever been human… had it once had a family that loved it? Did it still have family… did they still live in Brightden? Was this truly what he had wanted to become? 

Marcus suddenly realised how sheltered he had been for all these years. Yes he had learnt much of the nature vampires but he had truly never seen the beast. Granted there had been one or two grim incidents over the years but nothing could have prepared him for the terrifying truth of it.

Was this what kindred life was like outside the safe wall’s of Vincent’s home… was this the side Anya saw in her dreams? 

No wonder she was scared, because he was terrified. 

The reality of it causing him to stumble… he backed hurriedly away scarcely able to lift his weapon in defence as the creature came at him.  

Barely he managed to parry the first of the creatures blows, but as the blade of his sword severed the creatures hand while it barely registered it.  He suddenly realised how much trouble he was in.

How foolish had he been to think he could take on a vampire in direct combat. Wild and feral these creatures had barely begun to tap their true potential, In comparison to Vincent they where weak insignificant speck’s easily controlled or destroyed. 

To Marcus however they were still a threat, he might be physically the stronger but they could heal and withstand damage he could not.

He should have thought his though.  

Caught them sleeping not in a dark alley at night when they had the advantage. However as the creature lunged forward his realisation came a little too late. 

Teeth sinking deeply into his neck, he struggled managing to push his blade into the creatures side, it still did not slow or stop…. Even when he twisted it, turning to mush anything the creature had once called it’s innards’. Futily he struggled his strength draining away… eventually everything went black.

One response to “Dinner is Served

  1. Yup … this went about as well as I thought it would go.

    It was interesting the view Marcus got of vampires. He has been sheltered a lot with Vincent, since Vincent has his appetites under tight (or tight enough) control.

    I hope he gets rescued, though. Anya’s in huge trouble if she’s all on her own. :(

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