Marcus Is Hunted

Marcus knew Vincent knew where he was, running was futile when your master was a vampire as powerful as the old Toreador.  One thought from his master and he and Anya would willingly and of their own volition make the journey back to him. 

The Ghoul however was relying on the vampires sense of respect for freewill, Vincent would allow them to choose their own path and for that reason he knew the vampire was no-longer a threat to him or Anya.  If they returned to him it would be their own decision.

Things where not going as well as he’d hoped with Anya, things had not fallen into place as well as he’d hoped. Yes he’d lied to her… Vincent had not wiped his memory’s even though he had begged him too. 

Telling her they had once been in love but the vampire had wiped their memory of it what the only thing he could think of. Telling her the truth was unthinkable… while it may have pushed her away from Vincent for good, it would have surely pushed her away from him as well.

Still he’d hoped the chemistry they had together when he was the baron would pass on to when he was himself but it had not. She was reluctant and pushed him away unwilling to accept him as anything more than a friend.  She sat most days in a sort of daze staring out of the window and he did not need to ask to know she thought of him. 

Right now however he needed to focus on his lack of blood, he’d intended to start hunting immediately saving the vial’s for emergency. But Anya had found them and had stood over him as he’d poured them away. 

In reality he didn’t need a great deal of blood to keep his condition in check.  Like vampire’s the frequency and amount a ghoul needed to feed was dependant on how fast he expended the blood. Having Anya so close he could not afford to expend it doing anything which would appear abnormal.  Meaning he could feed a lot less than he had at back at Vincents home. Still he needed at least a shot glass of blood every few days otherwise the cravings would start. 

Vincent could use powerful magic’s to bottle blood, both his own or mortal and keep it fresh. Without these magic’s the blood would spoil within a few hours which mean Marcus would need to feed and hunt frequently. 

This was why he’d picked Brightden as their new home, Vincent had often mentioned the fledgling vampires that ran about the estate unchecked, he believed even the creature that had made them wasn’t even sure how many she’d made. 

Granted, the blood of these fledglings was weak and that in turn would weaken Marcus.  His power came directly from the vampires from which he fed but he didn’t need the potency just its ability to sooth the hunger and abate the aging.  

This however did not take away the risk, he was not like his father with over a century’s of training under his belt yes he’d been taught to fight, protect himself but he’d not been taught all of the abilities of the blood. What’s more the ability’s he’d be able to access feeding off the fledgling vampires might not be gifts he was familiar with. 

The last of Vincent’s blood still running though his veins made him quick and strong but most of all the heightened sences alerted him to the fact that he was being followed. Its was alright it was all part of the plan.

The people of Brightden had already learned not to venture from their homes at night and that meant chances where a hungry vampire stalked him. A hungry vampire who was about to learn he was no-longer the only hunter in Brightden. 

Slipping into a nearby alley he hoped the vampire would follow him. Fledglings where often more instinct and hunger than thinking beings. This would be especially true if as Vincent belived they had little in the way of guidance. 

He froze the alley was already occupied, Vincent had been right Brightden was teaming with kindred. Far more in fact than the small village could hope to sustain. Finding another Vampire feeding from the remains of a cat his stomach lurched at the sight. There was nothing romantic about it.. blood everywhere the creature hissed. “Looking to take a shortcut?” 

Backing up he felt a presence behind him, glancing backwards the creature that had followed him had blocked his escape. Ghoul’s generally did not dare to fight vampires yes it was true they where stronger than humans but they lacked the power of their masters. Fighting two at once was very foolish even when their blood was weak.  Vincent had said they where little better than ghouls, Marcus only hoped he was right because he was about to find out the hard way.


One response to “Marcus Is Hunted


    And oh good lord Marcus is screwed.

    Although … if they’re in Brightden … that explains why the priest didn’t immediately haul Anya off to the crazy-people section. She’s probably not the first lady to go to bed (thinking she’s) married to a normal guy and wake up next to a vampire. :-S

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