Anya seeks advice

Anya cautiously entered the small chapel, she was unused to entering via the common entrance and now dressed as a commoner she was unused to people treating her as though she where just another woman.

The chapel was unusually busy for such a late evening she thought but at home she was used to only going to the main church on a Sunday and committing the rest of her prayers in the small chapel built within her brothers home so she didn’t suppose she knew much about what went on in churches at any other times. 

Marcus had found a job working for a local business doing bookkeeping that would keep him out most nights. She might have worried if it wasn’t for the fact that she had watched him sleeping with the sun from the window streaming in and dancing on his naked back.  

She’d been given strict instructions not to leave their room during the night while he worked, but she was getting sick of being alone and she’d felt an overwhelming urge to speak with a priest and so against his wishes she’d ventured out into the dark. 

So many questions dancing in her mind, was her marriage to the baron, legal? was it blessed? Would god forgive her? but most of all what should she do from here?  She needed guidance, she needed a priest to tell her there was hope for her soul. Skirting her way nervously though the gathered congregation she made her way the front, where she took a pew and prayed. 

Everything was such a mess, tonight as the evening of the Hamdun winter ball and she couldn’t help but wonder if the Baron had gone without her if he’d worn the jacket she’d had made for him.   

She found herself thinking of the Baron often and each time she found herself drifting into happy thoughts she cursed and berated herself. 

It had all been a lie. 

That was why it hurt so much, for him it have all been a lie for her it have all seemed very real and for all her efforts she could not turn off the feeling’s she had for him, for the first time in her life she’d felt like a priority. She’d felt important to him, special … loved…. But he didn’t love her he was a creature a demon and she was nothing but a toy to him. 

Marcus on the other hand was kind and sweet, he seemed to care for her greatly and despite having no memory of them being together he seemed to be finding it much easier than she to accept their place was together. 

She felt rushed, confused… there was something wrong about being with him and for this reason she could not accept him so readily. 

She told herself that perhaps it was simply the ring on her finger that made it seem so wrong. Perhaps if the priest could tell her, a marriage to a demon counted for nothing in the eye’s of god. Then perhaps then she could begin to see him in the manner, he seemed so eager for. 

Finding herself fiddling with the simple gold band, she cursed herself again sitting on her hand where it was out of sight. Marcus had suggested she rid herself of the ring, but she couldn’t she didn’t know why she couldn’t she couldn’t even bare to think of taking it off.  

It was stupid really, fooling even she had only been married a handful of months but they had been the happiest months she could remember, aside from the dreams than plagued her sleep. 

Looking around she watched as a young woman baring a large basket came down the middle isle, moving past her the woman began handing out still warm loaves of bread to the congregation.

It was then she understood why the chapel was so busy, the needy of the area had come to be fed. She watched with interest as the people eagerly took the food that was handed out.

She’d never truly seen needy people before while she’d often seen servants about the house they were always well paid for their services and she was pretty sure none had ever needed to beg for food. 

The woman finally approached where she was sitting. “Bread?” the young woman asked holding out a small loaf. 

“No – No thank you” she replied hurriedly as the smell of the food made her stomach lurch. She still hadn’t dared to tell Marcus of her condition but the days rolled on she grew both more certain that she was pregnant and fearful about what that meant. 

“Are you waiting for someone?” 

“Erm.. no .. I … I was looking for the priest” she mumbled. 

“I’ll get him for you” the young woman promised “Wait here” 

Waiting her stomach churned what would she tell him? Would he think her mad? No of all people a priest must understand the natural and conniving of demons? She had to risk it .. she had to tell him the truth surly if anyone could help her it was a man of God. 

Watching as the man approached he smiled as he reached her. “How can I help you?” he asked. 

“I am married to a demon” she replied bursting into tears. “I need your guidance” she had not meant to be so forthcoming but the words had burst forth with no control whatsoever. 

“Your husband is cruel?” the priest asked “Is that what you mean?” 

“No I mean, he’s a demon” she sobbed “As in not a man…. Please do not think me simply unwell… he isn’t human and I need your help” 

“Very well” the man nodded, seeming oddly un-perplexed. “Let us talk in private” 

“You do not  think me mad?” 

“I do not” the priest agreed, “Now come with me and you can tell me all about this demon”


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