Gabriel ponders the future.

He watched as she moved around the great hall, this time last year he had been a proud father and a happy man.

The Hamdun’s hosted the Christmas party every year and this year was no different, but  now he was merely a bitter man, watching his soon to be wife interacting with the other guests.  

Any fulfilment he’d once gained from such gatherings, long lost and he now felt as empty as the goblet he held in his hand.

Her hips not yet widened from childbirth Dawn was far more delicate than Jaedyn had ever been. Even when they’d first been married Jaedyn’s body born the mark’s of years worth of weight fluctuations and by the time she’d birthed two bastards, her body was so distorted she was barely recognisable as woman without a good corset to hold her in place. 

Daniel was still insisting on keeping the wedding small and low key he said out of respect for Jaedyn, personally Gabriel didn’t care enough about the ceremony to argue. He only cared about getting his hands on a woman worthy of baring his children.   

Dawn well bred,  soft spoken, demure and  Ladylike. She would make a worthy wife and was still young enough that she’d not yet been corrupted by the idea’s and values of others.   

Watching satisfied as Dawn settled herself on the arm of her uncle Gabriel slipped from the party and down into servants quarters knocking heavily on Asha’s door with no answer after a short pause, he knocked again more loudly. 

“Hang on” came a call and a moment or two later his witch answered the door looking somewhat flustered. 

Ignoring her he pushed the door out of her grasp and peered into the darkness, where he spotted a young man lying on the bed. “Im not paying you to covort” he growled making his way fully into the room.

“You’re not paying me at all” she hissed back. 

“How are we getting along with your little project” he demanded, in truth he didn’t care now much the little whore cavorted, what he cared about where results and Sophie assured him she would give them. 

“It’s coming along” she nodded. 

“Will it be ready?” he demanded, “There is isn’t much time before I’m married” 

“I think so” she nodded, but he noted her nerves clearly not as confident as he would have liked.

The thing was he’s started to accept his part in his wife infertility not publicly… never publicly but he knew there was something …. Wrong somewhere in the mix. He hadn’t quite worked out what.

Had Jaedyn had done something to prevent giving him a child?  or was there something about them as a couple that had been simply incompatible? 

Everyone was watching and judging it didn’t matter how powerful or how rich he because without a child he was nothing without an heir to call his own he was less than a man.  

The moment he married eye’s would be upon him again, watching waiting… counting down the months and if no child was forthcoming for a second time there would be no saving his reputation and no doubt as to whome was to blame.    

He wanted to believe the issues of his first marriage would not be passed to his second, but even he had begun to doubt himself.

He could not afford to wait for things to occur naturally he needed a child and he needed it fast. He needed the witch to insure that by the end of Dawn’s first month as a Hamdun she was carrying the Hamdun heir and quell the gossips.… 

It would happen.   

It had too.


One response to “Gabriel ponders the future.

  1. If it wasn’t Asha “responsible” for giving Gabriel a baby, and if it wasn’t Dawn who would bear the brunt of his frustration, I’d say I hoped it didn’t.

    But with any luck … if Dawn has to go through this horrible marriage … she’ll get pregnant quickly, have a healthy baby, and maybe Gabriel with a guaranteed heir will start to come to his senses.

    Or he’ll meet a humorous and fitting end. Personally, I’m hoping for option B.

    Great writing here by the way — so chilling, especially toward the end!

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