Duncan is Still Disappointing

Alice sat quietly on the large rock near the pond, it had been an exhausting few weeks but Farid had now gone home and things where beginning to return to normality. I didn’t matter how much she told herself things would settle down, she felt strange like a hole had been torn right though her middle.

It was an odd thing to lose a child at such an early point.  She’d been at a  stage at which most women would not have even realised they were pregnant. Most would have perhaps dismissed the pain and bleeding as an unusually bad monthly.

She however knew different.  Its had been a baby and yet it hadn’t …. Some bleeding and pain then it was gone. Leaving her nothing to show for it bar some bloodied rags and the feeling of loss that knawed away at her.

Not even enough to bury…… and it seemed that only Kaitlyn understood that she needed to mourn. To everyone else it was almost as though it had never existed at all.

Still she was glad Farid had been with her, he made its passing easier by keeping the noise from her head and soothing the burning in her belly but more than that he’d understood all that she needed when no-one else did.

It had also given her a unique understanding of the young man. She felt guilty now for dismissing him so readily.  Inside his head she’d found he was no-where near as awkward or bumbling as he seemed on the surface.

In his head he seemed, coherent and bright with a quiet and understated intelligance that was easily missed from the outside.

He had thoughts and fears that where in many ways, not so different to her own.

Yes perhaps he saw the world a little differently but she had to admire his focus and attention to detail.

He knew what he wanted from life in a way she envied and though his aspiration’s where simple.  He seemed to get a great deal of contentment from them.

“Alice” Duncan smiled heading into the clearing.

She smiled back weakly, she’d managed to avoid Duncan until now.

“Want some company?” he asked.

“Sure” she replied, shuffling along the rock so he could sit down.

There was an awkward pause, she had no idea what so say and judging by the silence neither did he.

“Are you looking forward to Christmas?” he asked suddenly.

Alice nodded, “I’m going to the farm, spend it with Faulke and my Ma. She always cooks a ham”

“Oh.. you won’t be here?” he asked seeming disappointed.

“The Garou don’t celebrate Christmas” she reasoned.

“Yeah but me and my mother do” he smiled, “The girls will be disappointed you’re not here?”

“I know” she nodded, “But I miss my mother”

“I suppose you do” he nodded, “Oh well there’s always new year… you’ll be here for that? Even the Garou celebrate new year’s?”

“I’ll be here for that” she agreed.

“Good” he grinned.

“Are you setting a resolution?”

“I guess” he nodded, “No more girls… at least none that are more than friends”

“That will keep your ma happy” she chuckled.

“Yeah I guess so” he agreed. “What about you? New year… New start?”

“I guess” she nodded.

“Seems like everything turned out for the best,  doesn’t it? You must be relived?”

“Relieved about what?” she asked the hair’s on the back of her neck prickling.

“Well you know… it’s all over now” he prompted awkwardly “Things can get back to normal… You can get on with things, without worrying you messed up your life”

“You think I messed up my life?” she whispered.

“I mean … now you can forget about it and move on… start fresh”

“I don’t understand?”

“I just mean…. Now there’s no baby you must be relieved?  I mean that would have really messed things up for you.  Don’t you think?”

“Duncan you’re a real jerk sometimes” she hissed after a moment’s pause. Pushing him backwards off the rock she ran off into the forest.


One response to “Duncan is Still Disappointing

  1. Duncan, you idiot! You just poured salt all over her gaping wound and looked at her like you didn’t understand why this would be a problem.

    He still has a lot of growing up to do before he’s ready for a real, grown-up relationship with anybody. Unfortunately part of that growing up will probably require getting into relationships that he thinks are real and grown-up …

    Oh well. ‘Tis life when you’re a kid.

    And Alice … poor Alice. I hope she and Farid can keep in touch and help each other. But if they try a relationship again, it’s going to be a long, uphill battle. Especially after this nightmare pregnancy. :(

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