Anya’s New Home

Anya looked nervously around the small two room attic Marcus had just rented for them. She wasn’t quite sure which village they were in she only knew they had headed back towards Grimstead and had at some point passed the Hallows. 

“There is only one bed” she noted, looking with distrust at the creaky double bed in the centre of the back room.  The room wasn’t quite up to the standard either of them where used to living in but it was clean and well kept. 

“I had to tell the woman we were married” he explained. 

“Oh” she nodded, peering out of the small window out across the village.  She wasn’t’ quite sure what she’d expected of running away. It was certainly an improvement on the last time that was certain at least this time she was warm and dry. “Will we stay here?” she asked. “Or will we move on again?” 

“We’ll stay here till after Christmas” he  replied, walking up behind her and resting his hand on her shoulder she allowed it to comfort her as she’d allowed Marcus to comfort her several times in the past few day’s. “Perhaps longer it depends how hard Vincent looks for us” 

“Do you think he’ll find us?” she asked fearfully. 

“No I don’t think so” he replied. 

“What will we do for money?” she asked. 

“I have savings” he replied “I was well paid at least, I will get a job I have skills… don’t fret” She nodded allowing him the pull her into his arms. Resting her head on his shoulder she noted his heartbeat it was a comforting sound she decided. She’d never paid it much heed before but like the heat of his body it told her he was real, he was human.   

It was an odd thing, things she hadn’t noticed at the time seemed so clear to her now so many little things about the baron had been ever so slightly … off. 

The baron had always seemed slightly to hot or slightly too cold.. he’d said it was due to poor circulation but now she knew better. The baron’s heartbeat was always a steady rhythmic beat, while Marcus’s now raced like a thousand galloping horses. 

Daring to peer upwards she froze as he bought his lips to her’s. “Marcus no” she whimpered withdrawing, she didn’t want him to kiss her. She knew he’d told her they’d been in love but she didn’t remember and it didn’t feel right. 

“I love you Anya” he offered, allowing her to pull herself from his arms. 

She burst into tears a week ago she would have loved dearly to hear those words from the Baron’s lips but now she had heard them so often she wondered what they meant.

They came with every apology every excuse… meaningless lies from the mouth of a demon….. meaningless excuse’s from the mouth of a brother, who professed to have her best interest at heart.   

They meant nothing… no matter who’s lips them came from. 

“I’m sorry” Marcus added quickly, another meaningless word. What did that mean… I’m sorry I lied! I’m sorry I’m not who I said! I’m sorry … I’m sorry…. I’m sorry! 

Meaningless drivel all of it. 

Angry and frustrated, she took several steps towards the bed, flinging herself onto it and pushing Marcus’s bag onto the floor with the same movement.

The sound of something cracking from inside it suddenly stopped her flow. Peering off the side of the bed and onto the floor she watched as something red began to leak though the cloth of the bag. 

“What’s that?” she demanded. 

“Nothing” he replied hurriedly trying to scoop the bag up quickly but not before she’d grabbed it and torn it open. 

“What’s this?” she asked, pulling out a small clay jar cracked and leaking liquid that could only be blood. “I thought you where human” she whimpered, “Are you one of them?” 

“No Anya, I swear it I’m not” he promised. 

“Then why?” 

“Its vampire blood” he explained, “it’s got healing properties. I thought we might need it” 

“I don’t want it” she retorted, hysterically thrusting the jar into his hands. Reaching into the bag where she found several others. “Get rid of it… get rid of it all” 

“Yes alright” he promised taking the bag.

2 responses to “Anya’s New Home

  1. Oh CRAP. Now Marcus is lying to Anya. He’s not a vampire, no, but he’s not exactly human from Anya’s point of view.

    She’s not going to trust anybody by the time this is over, is she?

    And of course Anya has no memory of being in love with Marcus. She never was in love with Marcus. She was in love with “the Baron” who happened to be played by Marcus.

    Plus this is all, naturally, not even getting into the whole, “Anya just got rid of all of Marcus’s blood” thing. They are both so screwed.

  2. “She was in love with “the Baron” who happened to be played by Marcus” Some of the time :)

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