Vincent let’s them go.

“Marcus is gone” Allard growled as he entered Vincent’s chambers where his friend was still pulling on his clothes. “His chambers cleared…. What is he thinking?”

“He isn’t thinking” Vincent replied. “He’s acting without thought to the consequences”

“He’s cleared the kitchen’s of blood”

“Well at least he thought about that” Vincent mused, “How long will he last?”

“A month maybe two if he stretches it”Allard reasoned, “Im not sure… but surely you aren’t just going to leave the pair of them wandering the wilderness”

“Grimstead is hardly the wilderness” he reasoned “And Marcus is a resourceful young man, he will provide for them”

“She is your wife… surely you aren’t going to just let them go. You could summon them back here.. couldn’t you? Your link to Anya and Marcus is strong enough?”

“It’s strong enough” he agreed “But in case you forgot, I promised Marcus that if she chose him then I wouldn’t stand in his way”

“Do you think he told her the truth?”

“I don’t know” he replied sadly.  

“What are you going to do?”


“What will happen to them?”

“That is up to her” Vincent replied. The last few days had been hard, Anya’s reaction had been …. expected. What was not expected was just how crushing it had been… he no longer had the will to fight. If she wanted a mortal life then she would have it. If she wanted Marcus then she would have that too.

“Marcus needs blood” Allard reasoned.

“I know” Vincent replied “But he won’t be the first ghoul to go it alone”

“Then how?”

“He’ll learn to hunt” Vincent mused “But this time Vampires will be the pray”

“Christopher won’t be pleased”

“No I dare say he won’t be” he agreed.


One response to “Vincent let’s them go.

  1. Something tells me that Anya’s going to like Marcus hunting vampires to drink their blood even less than she likes Vincent hunting humans to drink their blood.

    And Vincent, you idiot. Ok, ok, I get it, you lost the girl, you’re depressed. But there is something else going on here (Marcus with the “girl” who told him that he loved Anya.) And Anya did not really “choose” Marcus — she’s not in a position to make an educated, well-thought-out choice. She took the first chance of escape she could. Honestly, this reminds me of Iylaine running off with Malcolm in Lothere. Anya’s not thinking.

    Except instead of Scotland, I think these two are going to end up in the Court of Souls faster than you can say “vampire.”

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