Anya hears a proposal

It was all too much to handle. She had she decided gone simply insane it was by now the most logical explination.  Finding some comfort in the softness of her bed she climbed onto of the blankets and rested her head on the pillows.

“Are you going to just stare at me?” Anya snapped angrily as Allard stood unmoving in the corner. 

“I’ve been told to watch you” he replied “though we could talk if you would prefere?” 

“I don’t need a babysitter” she growled, “Why can’t people leave me alone?” 

“Begging your forgiveness” the steward replied “You’ve tried to kill yourself twice.. the baron simply wants to make sure no harm befall’s you” 

“How am I supposed to think with you staring… how am I supposed to understand, when people follow me around?” 

“It must be difficult” he agreed, but showed no sign of moving. “Perhaps you should try and sleep?” 

Sleep!!! How could she sleep. She’s recently found out her husband wasn’t human that he wasn’t even alive and now her brother had just told her, that her own niece wasn’t human either. She sat there knife in hand and honestly she had considered plunging it into the little girl. 

If Christopher hadn’t stormed over and snatched the dagger from her grasp she honestly didn’t know if she’d have done it. 

She’d sat dazed while Christopher had given Skye the scolding of her life and the little girl had seemed so natural so … normal as she’d cried though her appologie and her brother had not treated the little girl any differently that he would a human child caught playing a dangerous game.  

No! she was not normal Anya reminder herself… a demon sent to trick her that was all. 

She did not think it would hurt nearly as much if she hadn’t been taken in so completely by the rouse. 

The past few months had been as happy as any Anya could remember. At home she had mearly been the middle child of seven here she had been a lady but her treatment had been befitting a queen.

It made a shiver run up her spine when she thought of how the Baron had doted on her, of how she was daring to hope that her emotion’s Maegan shared with her brother where developing between them. 

“How long have you known?” she asked Allard accusingly, rising from the bed and giving up on the idea of sleep. She didn’t even know why she was even talking to him she was clearly in on the deception.


“What he is” 

“I’ve always known” he replied simply, “I was born in this house” 

“Doesn’t it bother you? Don’t you fear for your soul working for a creature like that?” 

“No”  he replied simply “I guess I doesn’t he is a good a man as I have ever met” 

“All those times I spoke with you… not once did you think to tell me the truth” 

“It wasn’t my truth to tell, beside I knew he intended to tell you…. I was waiting for him to find the courage” 

Snorting she shook her head, she felt betrayed, betrayed by everyone most of all her brother. 

“He loves you” Allard offered. 

“Lies” she hissed “he isn’t capable of love” 

“He is a capable as any” he reasoned, “whatever you belive… never doubt that he loves you” 

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, waiting as it opened the stewards son walked in. “Father it’s time for bed” he reasoned “The sun will be up soon” 

It suddenly clicked. “Your like him?” she hissed accusingly “One of them??” 

“Yes” Allard nodded “I’m one of them” 

“Any what about you?” she hissed at Marcus “Are you one also?” 

“No im not” Marcus replied, “I still live” 

Throwing herself down onto the bed again she waited for the older man to leave. “So how exactly does that work?” she asked when they were alone again. “Having a vampire for a father… does it make you half a vampire like Skye is a half warewolf?” 

“No” Marcus replied, walking over and settling down on the bed beside her. 

“So what does it make you?” she asked nervously. Her interest more than casual, she knew the baron thought her to have some sort of fever but she knew better than that. 

She knew the sign’s she’d been married for over two months and in all that time she had never bled. She had sickness and dizziness the way her mother did each and every time she got pregnant. She’d wanted to wait till after Christmas before she told the baron, she’d wanted to be a hundred percent sure, but now instead of joy she felt complete and utterly terrified as the idea that she had some sort of demon growing in her belly. 

Marcus smiled “It makes me a man” he replied. “My father wasn’t turned till recently” he explained. 

“Then…. What does happen when a vampire and a human woman have a baby?”  she asked unable to stop her voice from wavering. 

“They can’t” he explained, “Nothing happens …. They just can’t” 

He was wrong, he had to be wrong…. She was sure … so sure all the sign’s where there. Perhaps he had just never seen it, perhaps it would be something so terrible he had just never been told. 

“What’s the matter?” he asked seeming to sense her upset. 

“Nothing” she muttered, “Nothing at all” 

Nodding he seemed to accept it. “Anya I need to talk to you” the young man began. “This is hard…. Im a little confused right now… but I want you to listen do you understand?” 

Nodding she stayed quiet, as he placed his hand on her’s. She didn’t know why it felt safe it just did. 

“A girl came to me last night. She told me we’ve both been deceived… She said the baron had wiped both our memories…. That we’d loved each other once. Im not really sure what she ment… I can’t remember any of it… she said the Baron had wiped our memories so he could have you all too himself… do you remember anything?” 

“No” she replied trying to study his face. Nothing about it giving her any clue as any hidden feeling she might have for the man.  

“Neither do I, I’m sorry” he explained “but I know enough to get out of here…. Come with me?” 

Anya nodded eagerly not needing to be asked twice.


2 responses to “Anya hears a proposal

  1. Oh crap. That’s Marcus’s baby. I mean, I think the time between the wedding and Peter’s rape of Anya was long enough that she’d have her period again, right? Surely if there was a strong chance that it was Peter’s baby she’d know it.

    Unless … what are the symptoms of anemia? If Vincent keeps feeding off her, she might not get her period. That would also explain the dizziness though not necessarily nausea and sickness.

    Either way, they’re now in a world of trouble, aren’t they?

  2. It has been 4.5 months Since Peter Raped her and 8 weeks since she first slept with Marcus.

    I’ll let you do the math. Thats is if she is pregant because your quite right, Dizziness and a lack of period can be sign’s of anemia

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