Skye pulls a trick

“Well I don’t really know much about them” Anya conceded nervously. It was clear to Christopher she was aware she was being set up as she gave him nervous glances. “But I suppose if they are really and they aren’t human I guess they must be” 

“Why?” Skye asked innocently. 

“Because they aren’t human, because they hide themselves away and the story’s they all say … they are bad” 

“Oh” Skye replied, “but what if they weren’t bad… what if they just had bad stories told about them?” 

“Are they real Skye?” his sister asked slowly. 

Christopher had to admit he was impressed with his nieces performance they had discussed Auntie Anya in great length before coming into this room. He’d explained than Auntie Anya might be very upset to find out the little girl wasn’t human and she might say some horrible things she didn’t mean because she was scared, but there job was to make sure his sister saw a different side to the supernatural creatures.  

He’d given the little girls some idea’s on how they would best do that but he was amazed at how composed she seemed and how innocently she asked the question’s they had carefully rehearsed.

The world was in for a hole heap of trouble when Skye got older he decided. 

As for Anya she knew the questions where leading somewhere but as yet he didn’t believe she knew where. 

“I guess they are” Skye replied. 

“Have you met one?” his sister continued carefully. 

“More than one” Skye nodded, “Buts S’ok they aren’t bad… they are real nice” 

“You don’t have to be scared of them, I’ll look after you… make sure they can’t hurt you” Anya reasoned “You don’t have scared anymore” 

“I’m not scared” Skye grinned, “I’m here to make you not scared” 

“Oh Chris!” Anya scowled, tearing her gaze away from the little girl, “She just a child, you’ve got her mind washed as well. How could you do such a thing?” 

“Auntie Anya” Skye interrupted before she could answer. “Why do you think all werewolves are bad. When you have never met one?” 

“Because…. Because they are different and un-natural and wrong!” Anya reasoned, verging on hysteric’s. “But its ok I’m going to protect you…. I’ll take.. take you way from here, from them” 

“But maybe you’d like them if you knew them?” Skye reasoned. 

“Oh bless you child” Anya whimpered, “They can’t be good, they are un-natural and wrong…. They evil can’t you understand?” 

“No” Skye reasoned, “Cause what If they try and be good… what if they do their homework and tidy their room and try and mind their Ma…. Well at least most of the time?” 

“No sweetie…. They are bad… evil … they can’t be anything else it’s just their nature… the only good one is a dead one” 

“Oh” Skye replied, seeming upset. 

Chris knew this would be upsetting and stressful for the little girl he just hoped it wouldn’t affect her too deeply. “She doesn’t mean it Skye” he offered, “She’s scared and superstitious  that all. Why don’t you tell Auntie Anya the next thing we talked about…. See if she understands then?” 

The little girl nodded, taking a couple of steps forward. “The thing is….  I guess … I know werewolves can be good, cause ma Da was one” 

“What do you mean?” Anya asked, freezing her eye’s widening. 

“Ma Da was a werewolf… and I guess that makes me not quite natural too” Skye reasoned. 

“Chris” Anya hissed “What sort of lies are these?!” 

“It’s the truth” he nodded, “Skye’s father was a werewolf…as is Lar’s and that means Skye… might well grow up to be like them” 

“I don’t understand” Anya mumbled. 

“Skye is at least half werewolf” he explained, “She’s faster stronger….”

“Smarter” Skye added helpfully. 

“Cheekier” he smiled. “But she isn’t human…. Like Vincent … your niece isn’t human” 

 Anya feel silent as she absorbed the new’s. Chris could almost see the pieces fitting together in her head. Like Vincent so many clues about Skye had been overlooked, right now she would be rethinking every action he little girl had made over the past year.

Every temper tantrum the ‘wolf games’ her obsession with Vampires and in particular Vincent and how no matter what you did the little girl was usually at least two step ahead of her mother. 

Suddenly Skye did something off the script. Moving forward she seemingly pulled a knife from no-where. “Here” the little girl offered, “If I’m bad I guess you should kill me”  

Recognising the knife he instinctively reached for its sheath finding it empty. Realising the little girl had somehow pick pocketed him in order to prove her point. 

“Skye!” He panicked, naturally he’d hoped learning her niece was supernatural would force Anya to re-consider her opinions, but never had he imagined the little girl would do something quite this foolish.


2 responses to “Skye pulls a trick

  1. “The world was in for a hole heap of trouble when Skye got older he decided.” AMEN!!

    And oh crap! Skye! You’re not supposed to do stupid things like that until you hit your teens! That’s when I usually start shouting things like, “Dumb kid!” Not when you’re only seven!

    … Not that I think much will happen to Skye … she’s faster, stronger and definitely cheekier than she ought to be … but what about Anya??

  2. “Skye is at least half werewolf” he explained, “She’s faster stronger….”

    “Smarter” Skye added helpfully.

    “Cheekier” he smiled.

    I loved that bit. Totally true of course. MOAR Skye

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