Skye ask’s a question

“Oh no Chris” Anya exclaim as her brother came into her chambers with their nieces hand in his. “Why did you bring her here?”

“Because I thought she could help you understand” he reasoned, settling down on the sofa before pulling Skye to sit between them.

“I understand this is no place for a child” she reasoned, hugging the little girl who squirmed under her grasp to be free.

“Auntie Anya” she complained “Your squishing me”

“I’m sorry” she apologised, releasing her.

“Anya we have talked a lot about things not always being what they seem?” Christopher prompted.

“This is no conversation for little ears” she hissed, scarcely able to comprehend how her brother had come to bring the little girl here, under the circumstances.

“It’s s’ok” Skye grinned, “I already know all about the baron”

“Oh … Chris” she mumbled. “You didn’t?”

“Skye knew before I did” Christopher reasoned.

“Oh Skye you poor lamb”

“S’ok my grandpa Lar’s told me” Skye replied.

“he knew?” she asked her voice wavering “Did everyone know?!”

“Not everyone” Christopher assured her. “Father doesn’t, Maegan does nor does Raeanne”

“I think Ma does know” Skye piped up “She ain’t as dumb as you take her for”

“Alright” Chris conceded “Raeanne might know”

“What’s your point Christopher” Anya demanded, she was used by now to her brother trying to make her ‘understand’. However the only thing she truly understood was the baron seemed to have she brother under some sort of spell. At least she hoped it was a spell because the alternative. That Chris had willingly sold his soul to the devil was truly unthinkable.

“My point Anya is that the baron… vampires are not the only ‘creatures’ in the world that aren’t what they seem”

“Yes yes” she cut him off “You’ve explained they are every where. What is your point”

“My point is that they live in hiding because people are scared of them” he explained but they are more common than you realise.

“What are you going to tell me I know others?”

“Yes” Christopher nodded.

“Like who?”

“The queen”

“Pardon!” she exclaimed, “don’t be absurd, Sophies line can be traced back several generations she isn’t …. Un-natural”

“She’s a witch” Christopher reasoned.

“Lies!” Anya hissed.

“No at all… there are more… “

“I don’t want to hear it” she snapped. Why was it her brother couldn’t understand … if he had seen the things she had seen she was sure he wouldn’t be saying these things. He wouldn’t be trying to convince her that there was any good at all in the baron. He would know just as she did that he was a MONSTER!

“Auntie Anya” Skye interrupted.

“What is it Skye?” she asked forcing herself to calm down for the little girls sake.

“Uncle Chris is tellin the truth there are lot’s of creatures in the world”

“Yes I know but we are talking about un-natural ones”

“Like vampires?”


“An werewolves?” the little girl asked.

“Yes I suppose” she agreed, not entirely sure if they were even real. She assumed there where as the little girl mentioned them.

“Do you think they are bad too Auntie Anya?”

One response to “Skye ask’s a question

  1. Oh noes! Skye’s about to get her little heart broken. … Or she’s about to rip Anya a verbal new one.

    And either way Anya’s going to get more of her preconceptions exploded … wait until she finds out that her cutie-pie niece wants to be a werewolf when she grows up.

    *waits for the fireworks*

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