Christopher has an idea

Much to Christopher’s relief Anya had calmed, she was still shaken and distressed and she could still not be trusted to be left alone for anything more than an instant. However despite everything that Vincent had told him she seemed to be holding together reasonably well. 

She was naturally struggling to accept that Vampire existed beyond storybooks and that made her fearful of everything in the house and her nightmares where getting progressively worse undoubtedly due to the fixation she had on what exactly the Baron wanted with her. 

The thing however that surprised him most was how upset Vincent had seemed becoming quickly apparent that he loved her. As almost unbelievable as it seemed Christopher was almost certain of it and for that reason the young lord had decided to attempt to solve this without resorting to the obvious taking Anya home and telling their father she had a sickness of the mind. 

Anya had been left in the care of Eva and Allard while the men retired to the lounge to discuss what to do next, Christopher had stayed with them for a few days but it was becoming increasingly difficult to excuse his absence from the Hallows. 

“What did you hope to achieve from telling her?” Christopher sighed. 

“I didn’t plan too… not in the beginning” Vincent reasoned, “But it was difficult to hide… the lengths I had to go to insure she didn’t find out, the cost was too high. Do you not ever feel guilty not telling Maegan why you sneak away from the house? The things you get involved with?” 

“No” Christopher replied “Maegan couldn’t handle the truth she is soft natured. She is scared enough of demon’s under the bed even when her rational mind tells her there is no such thing. Heaven forbid I tell her demons are real, if I did I’m certain she’d never sleep again” 

The old vampire managed a chuckle. “Perhaps your right” he agreed, “I’m sorry, this whole idea was a bad one I should never have dragged your sister into this” 

“Perhaps you shouldn’t” Christopher agreed, “But I let you and that makes it just as much my fault” 

“Perhaps you didn’t exactly let me…. Infact you where quite adamant it was a bad idea” 

“What do you mean?” 

“I mean I tampered with your mind” he explained, “I ‘convinced’ you it was a good idea… you wouldn’t’ have allowed it otherwise” 

“Damn you” Christopher cursed, “Lar’s was right, he told me not to trust a damn thing you said” 

“We are by nature deceivers” Vincent agreed, “I guess im old and used to getting my own way… I hardly even think about it anymore” 

Christopher found it difficult to be angry, he’d watched the vampire over the last few days. It was a lonely life he decided. Vincent seemed to surround himself with humans in an effort to feel a closer connection to the world around him. However if you watched him for any great length of time it was only a matter of time before you saw in equal measure the sadness that being around people bought him especially family’s or children. 

Hearing a coach drawing up outside Christopher headed to the window. “My sister is here” 

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Vincent replied, “What if she doesn’t react well to the knowledge?” 

“What harm can it do?” Christopher asked. 

“It could upset your niece” Vincent replied, “Anya’s not herself and she could say cruel things, believe me I’ve heard enough of them over the past few days” 

“If anything convinced me there was more to the supernatural than demons and devil’s, it was Skye” Christopher replied, as right on queue the door flew open and Skye came screaming in. 

“Uncle Chris” she squealed throwing herself into his arms. 

“Skye” he chuckled, giving her a hug “Aren’t you going to say hello to the Baron” 

The young girl scrunched up her face, she still wasn’t convinced by the idea that Vampires ‘could’ be nice people but nodded she turned to face him anyway. “Evening” 

“Evening Skye” Vincent smiled. 

“You better have been looking after my Aunt” she threatened “Or I’ll stake you” 

“That’s not polite” Christopher warned, “Where’s your mother?” 

“She walk’s slow” Skye reasoned “So why did you send for us?” she asked.


One response to “Christopher has an idea

  1. I’ve made a decision. The Book of Death can NEVER get Skye. Never ever ever ever!

    Christopher finds it hard to be angry with Vincent, hmm? I wonder if that’s the mind-manipulation still showing through. Even if he realizes that Vincent loves Anya, seeing what’s happened to Anya ought to make him furious.

    And now that I think of it, maybe putting Anya and Skye into the same room is not the best idea. For now. Seeing her little niece being so nonchalant about vampires and werewolves and mages, oh my, might not have a good effect. Let Raeanne talk to her first before you send in the cavalry.

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