Lorcan enjoy’s to torment

Hannah found herself facing her nemesis.  Eadric in her arms wrapped in a towel and still wet from his bath.  Side stepping she tried to get past but grinning like a idiot Lorcan side stepped to block her.

He loved to torment her, she decided.

He was in fact the most vile boy she had ever met and while he was home he made her life a living hell and she could do nothing about it bar count down the days till he went to university.  

“Please may I pass” she asked nervously not daring to look up.  Hoping the lords brother would not dare anything too inappropriate in Eadric’s presence. 

“Only if you promise to come and bathe me?” he asked smugly. 

“I’m only Eadric’s nurse” she reasoned hurriedly “and I dare say you are old enough to bathe yourself” 

“It would be more fun to have you bathe me” he reasoned, “You could even climb in with me if you liked?” 

“No thank you” she muttered, trying to squeeze past. 

“Cake now Hann haaan?!” Eadric squealed, oblivious to his uncles attempts at distracting his nanny. 

“No Eadric” she scolded lightly, “Not till supper time” 

“Yawnnnn”  Eadric cooed “Sleepy” 

“Oh you little rascal” she scolded, looking desperately for an escape  “And I bet if I gave you cake you’d suddenly wake right back up again”     

“I’ll let you past, if you give me a kiss” Lorcan promised.

“Over my dead body” she grumbled as loudly as she dared, dodging one way then the other each time being blocked. 

“Come on Hannah, let me have a little taste” he grinned closing in on her. 

She twisted placing Eadric squarely between him and herself. “Lord Lorcan please don’t” she begged as he got increasingly close and she lent so far to avoid him she was in danger of toppling over.

“I would have thought you’d be more appreciative” he smirked, “I am your master” 

“Lord Baeumont is my Lord, not you” she scowled “And I have a sweetheart” 

“That boy who waits for you down by the stables when you get off work?”

“Yes” she agreed, “I’ll marry him one day”

“He’s a peasant” Lorcan  reasoned, “Wouldn’t you  rather sleep in a feather bed”

“I would rather sleep in the bed of a man who puts a ring on my finger” she retorted.

“I’ll own you one day”

“What do you mean by that?” she asked panicked.

“When I get my own land” Lorcan reasoned “I’ll ask for you specifically.

“My father wouldn’t allow it” she reasoned.

“Your father belongs to this family and my brother will give me what I ask… so if I want you I shall have you” he reasoned.

She couldn’t argue with the logic. “Perhaps I’ll be too invaluable to your brother to let me go” she reasoned.  

“Nurse’s are common enough. You can be replaced” he grinned clearly enjoying the altercation.

“Eadric need me.. he likes me” she reasoned.

“Eadric won’t need anything, he’ll be almost six” he grinned.

“Then the new baby” she reasoned.

“Eaddie need Cake” Eadric suddenly piped up helpfully, clapping his hands.

 “Alright Eaddie we’ll get cake” she replied without thinking.

“Yaay Cake” Eadric exclaimed happily, clearly pleased to have won the cake before supper argument.

Spotting an escape she hurriedly squeezed past the older boy, but as she did she felt his hand on her behind. “You brute!” she hissed spinning, before backing away hurriedly.

Lorcan chuckled seemed unperturbed. Turning he continued his journey down the corridor towards his room.

5 responses to “Lorcan enjoy’s to torment

  1. So is Lorcan bisexual? Or does he just want to torment Hannah? I admit to being a little confused about that.

    I swear Lorcan is EXACTLY like Valdemar at that age. Those Beaumont genes are baaaaaaaad.

    And if I haven’t said it before….. Eaddie is sooooooooooooooooooo cute.

  2. What an ass! I don’t even think Valdemar was this bad at Lorcan’s age. Lorcan seems to love to torment people; I don’t think Valdemar ever caused pain/annoyance/anger because it gave him pleasure. He just didn’t know how to deal with his own negative emotions.

    And … um, I think Hannah has a point about her father never allowing Hannah to end up in Lorcan’s hands. Does the phrase “kill you and make it look like an accident” mean nothing to Lorcan?

    I mean, my money’s on the vampire/werewolf/mage hunter over the ignorant noble idiot ANY day of the week.

  3. I’ve never condoned murder but if Orion wants to, as you put it, “kill him and make it look like an accident” then I might just back him.

  4. Wow you guys are ruthless today.

  5. Hey, I didn’t say I wanted Orion to kill Lorcan and make it look like an accident. I just think Lorcan should be aware of that possibility. Lorcan seems like a jerk but an interesting one to read (especially given his possible relationship with Abel … although now I’m worried about Abel …). He should be aware that if he messes with Hannah, he might end up in little pieces strewn about Grimstead. Or fed to a vampire. Or turned into a chew toy for one of the werewolves.

    Just sayin’. *shrugs* ;)

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