Lar’s feels helpless

Farid had spent several days with Alice and things in her bedroom had been mostly quiet for the duration. The young man had asked for them to be left alone  and so far Lar’s had managed to resist the urge to check up on them.

She no-longer seemingly cried out In agony and it seemed to him whatever Farid was doing with her was for the most part working.

Farid emerged every now and again getting food and water occasionally asking for an extra blanket or a book to read to her.  

Still it did not make Lar’s any more patient or any less concerned nor did it elevate the utter feeling of helplessness the large man felt.

Pacing back and forth Heathers fears that Mages and Warewolves couldn’t mix, played on his mind. “I should be doing something” he growled.

“You’re doing all you can” Kaitlyn reasoned, putting her hand gently on his arm.  He was glad she was with him, he was glad she was there and though there had been little time for closeness he felt the bridges with his wife where finally almost mended.

Hearing someone moving around in the room he stopped, looking in Heathers direction for reassurance. The older Garou shrugged back with no clue what was happening either.

The hair’s on the back of his neck prickled, as he heard Alice let out a cry.  “Im goin in” he decided.

“Lar’s no”  Kaitlyn reasoned, pulling back on his arm.

“But she need’s me?”

“No she doesn’t, she has Farid”


“No but’s!” she scolded, “If she needs anything he’ll come and fetch us”

Accepting it he nodded.

Suddenly the door opened and Farid stood in the doorway.

“Everythin alright?” he asked.

The boy nodded, he was white as a sheet and looked somewhat in shock. “Asha and Faulke are courtin” he smiled weakly, “I thought you might want to know”

“That’s fine news” Lar’s agreed. “Alice?”

“Oh!” Farid nodded seemingly suddenly understanding that he hadn’t been asking for general news. “She’s alright… she’ll be better now” he decided his voice wavering slightly.

It was then Lar’s noticed the small bundle of towel’s in the boys hand. It was such a small bundle and neatly wrapped.

Heather seemed to notice it too moving forward she reached out for it. “Shall it take that?” she asked softly, seeming to understand something Lar’s did not.

“I didn’t know what else to do with it” the boy mumbled.

Heather nodded taking the package very gently. “Does Alice need anything?” she asked.

Farid nodded, “I should think she’d like to clean up” he replied, “Towels water, a clean nightgown and linen”

“I’ll get them” Heather agreed and as she turned Lar’s suddenly understood, seeing the bundle clearly stained with blood.

“She wants me to go back in to her” he explained awkwardly before turning and heading back inside.

One response to “Lar’s feels helpless

  1. She lost the baby? Oh, no. Oh, poor Alice. Poor Farid.

    I just want to reach into the computer screen and hug them both. :(

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