Faulke doens’t want to be a part of it.

Asha lay in Faulke’s arm’s on his bed. She wasn’t sure her fathers would approve if they could see her or what his mother would say if she came up the stairs.

She was 16 and tonight she’d had her first kiss… her second and her third… somewhere after that she’d lost count but it left a warm fuzzy feeling in her stomach and made her heart race.

For the first time she understood how girls like Alice got themselves into trouble right now she thought she’s do anything, if he simply asked it.

“Does Lar’s approve?” she asked suddenly.

“Of what?”

“Us silly” she giggled, “I know Duncan and Ailith had to ask permission to court, so I assumed you’d asked him?”

“Now why would you think something like that” he replied “I ain’t him for anything since I was a child. Why would I ask for this?”

“I don’t know” she reasoned. “I just guessed you might”


“Oh…. Would you want him at the wedding?”

“Yer thinking of weddings already?” grinned.  

“No not like that” she scolded, “I just mean.. I general. I know you aren’t close but you’d want him to be there wouldn’t you?”

“Not really” he replied, “Don’t see much need in it”

“Do you really hate him that much?”

“I don’t hate him” Faulke replied “he just isn’t part of my life and I see no reason to include him now”

“He’s ya Dar” she reasoned.

“No he aint” Faulke replied defensively, “He don’t care about me none”

“Sure he does” she smiled, “Besides wouldn’t you like to learn about the Garou”

“Nope not much” he shook his head, “I ain one of them and all Lar’s cares about is his pretty new wife and pretty curly headed girls”

“I’m sure that’s not true”

“Do you see him here?” Faulke reasoned, “Since he found out about me and Ma, has he once visited?”

“Well I guess not” she replied not truly knowing the answer but guessing that he hadn’t. “Maybe he doesn’t know where you live, Alice was sworn to secrecy”

“Alice can’t hold her own water. If he wanted to know she’d tell him”

“Maybe” she agreed.

“All Lar’s cares about is the Garou… I ain Garou… he could tell right from the off I wasn’t like him. Guessin he was glad to get rid of me and ma to boot especially when she was clocking on in years. Notice how he didn’t lose Wolf… Eh? Kept him close by I see… bet he wouldn’t bin quite so careless if he’d know Ma was pregnant with Alice. Honestly I feel sorry fer his wife… she’d getting on a bit now… he’ll looking to lose her in a year or two I’d wager”

“Oh Faulke im sure it’s not like that” she reasoned she could tell by the look on the young man’s face he’d thought about it a lot and it hurt him more than he tried to let on.

“There ain’t no need to be upset the cart after all these years” he decided, “He’s got his life and I’ve got mine. Only thing that matter’s now is who’s in my future… an im hoping that will be you?”

“I hope so too” she grinned as he lent forward to kiss her.


2 responses to “Faulke doens’t want to be a part of it.

  1. Awww, Faulke. I’m sure Lars still cares about you, and your mother. I remember Heather talking about how devastated he was when they “died.” And he can’t tell who is Garou or not until puberty. He’s mentioned that in regards to the girls, hasn’t he?

    Maybe he’s just being respectful? Or he can’t go to them because they’re on Vincent’s land? Or perhaps Faulke and Lars are more alike than either realizes …

  2. You can’t tell the difference bettween Kin and Garou till puperty, but the you can tell the difference bettween a none wolf and someone with some form of the gene almost from birth.

    So Lar’s will have known pretty early on that Faulke didn’t have and “wolf” in him.

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