Anya Learn’s The Truth

“You see the thing is Anya I’m much older than I look” he began cautiously.

“Yes but not that old” she reasoned seeming confused.

“Well yes actually that old” he nodded she peered at him oddly as though looking for some clue that he was joking. “I know it’s hard to believe” he reasoned, “but I’m… not exactly what I seem”

“I don’t understand”

“Anya I im … not human” he explained. “The secrets I’ve been keeping its because im not human… im not a man”

“Baron what was you talking about, is this some sort of joke” she asked in disbelief.

“No I wish it was” he replied. “I love you … I really do and I know how absurd this sounds”

“Did you bump your head?” she asked “Or are you feeling unwell?”

“No Anya I feel fine” he assured her.

“Then why are you saying such ridicules things?”

“Because it’s true… I’m not human.. I was once.. but not anymore”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing… well nothing that can be fixed” he explained “Anya I’m telling you the truth…”

“Allard!!” she called out loud, trying to summon the steward “Allard!!”

“Anya calm down”

“I am calm” she reasoned, beginning to stand “I’m worried about you… let me get Allard he’ll see to you”  

“Please Anya sit down” he insisted, taking her wrist and gently bring her back to the couch.

Sitting she seemed a little disgruntled, “So what are you?” she asked in a manner that told him she was just seemingly playing along with what she thought was some absurd joke.

“Im dead…I am a vampire” he reasoned, for a moment hoping that the various ‘clues’ he’d left for her over the past few weeks would put themselves together.

There was a slight flicker of recognition in her face but she seemed to dismiss it. Reaching forward she put her hand to his head as though checking his temperature. She recoiled instantly.  He’d purposefully let his body cool, he normally heated it a little so his ‘deadness’ would be less obvious to her but in anticipation of this conversation he’d let it cool after dinner.

“Your cold” she murmured as though it was all suddenly less joke like.

“Yes” She fell silent as tried to absorb the new’s. “but I love you Anya he reassured her… I love you very much”

“It’s not possible” she whispered. “Story’s to scare children that’s all”

“Story’s based on truth” he corrected, “But I’m not going to hurt you… I don’t want to hurt anyone … I try to be good” he reasoned.

She went quiet, but he could heart her heart beat raise significantly while the colours In her aura went wild.

“My dreams?” she asked after a long pause, her aura telling him enough that the clues he’d left for her on purpose had slotted together with the pieces she’d discovered on her own.

He paused, unsure what to tell her I didn’t to lie anymore but understanding that she was tottering in a very precarious place.

“Memories I think… mine… but I haven’t done anything like that for hundreds of years”

“Hundreds” she repeated in a sort of daze.

“Anya this doesn’t change the fact that I love you” he insisted feeling he was losing her.

“You kill people?”

“I … have” he admitted, “But I kill only when I have to… and only people threaten my safety or the safety of the people I love”

“Am I in hell?” she asked softly clearly very much in shock.

“No Anya you’re not in hell, your alive and well”  

“but your dead?”

“Yes… and no my body is dead but that does stop me doing many of the things I did when I was alive. It doesn’t stop me loving you”

“You’re damned by god” she reasoned, a statement rather than a question.

“I guess” he agreed, “But I seek forgiveness”

“I am damned by god” she reasoned, he voice trembling but again a statement rather than a question.

“No Anya” he whispered “No you’re not”

“I have consorted with devils, been lured in by their charm’s” she muttered. “Heaven forgive me”

“No Anya” he begged reaching out to touch her, mortified when she recoiled from his touch as surely as if he had burned her.  

“Please kill me” she whimpered “And may God have mercy on my soul”


One response to “Anya Learn’s The Truth

  1. Oh damn. Oh damn. That is not good, not good at all!!

    Poor Anya. Sweetie, you’re not damned. Not damned at all. Poor baby! And she was becoming so happy …

    If Marcus makes a move on her — especially if he doesn’t mention being a ghoul — she just might take it now. Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap.

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