Asha makes a move

I don’t even know what his problem is” Asha complained. “He just started rambling on about who was wearin the pants” 

‘Well ye can be kinda bossy’ her brother suggested, ‘it’s like I was sayin the other day sometimes a man likes to be allowed to feel like the man’ 

“Pah!” she huffed, “So what im supposed to act all timid just to give his ego a boost?” 

‘I ain’t sayin that’ Farid reasoned, ‘he likes yer even though your not that way… im guessin he want’s you, to be you… he just wants to know you respect his position as the man too’ 

‘I ain’t layin down fer him to walk all over’ Asha growled. 

Faulke doesn’t seem to be that type, but yer can be kinda headstrong. I guess he’s worryin you’ll want to be walking over him’ 

“Who’s side are you on?” 

“Yours of course.. just tryin to give you another opinion” 

“It doesn’t sound like you’re on my side” she protested. 

Just sayin if you keep fightin with him he’s gonna lose interest” Farid explained. “Asha you like him, now stop bein stubborn and go and tell him so” 

“Like you told Alice!” she hissed. 

“Can we not talk about Alice right now” he urged seeming somewhat panicked. 

“Why not?” 

“Because im here” a second voice suddenly piped up. 

“Alice!” Asha gasped. 

“Heya” Alice replied her voice was weak, it sounded tired. 

“Are you ok?” 

“Im not very well” the young girl replied, “Your brothers helping me” 

“Is there anything I can do?” 

“No” Alice replied “I have everything I need with your brother” 

“Good” Asha smiled “He’ll take care of you” 

“I know….” 

“I should leave you two” Asha decided, she wasn’t quite sure why Alice was in her brothers head but she figured they should be left alone. 

Before you do” Alice said quickly, “About Faulke” 

“What about him?” 

He’s human” Alice explained, “Just a farmer… he can’t’ even see though the delirium… don’t be too hard on him, you can be…” 

“Be what?” 

Intimidating….. I guess….Just don’t be too hard on him for wanting to know upfront what life would be like. He isn’t like you he’s just a simple man who wants a wife so love and help run the farm.  He don’t care none about mages or warewolves, the war or even what you can or can’t make explode… he cares about crops and seeing thought the winter, about family and having people to care for ” 

“Alright” she agreed breaking contact. She didn’t really understand her mother had been a mage and Falcon seemed to have managed just fine. 

Standing up she headed to Faulkes bedroom, knocking on the door she waited patiently for him to call her to enter before opening the door. 

She found him lying shirtless on the bed. “Sorry” he apologised quickly reaching for a shirt. “I thought you where my ma” 

“I’m not” she smiled, not at all minding the view. She had always assumed the Karogar’s huge size was a genetic trait of being a wolf, however looking at Faulke who Lar’s had told her displayed no wolf nature, she could see it was simply a trait of the human side of the Karogar family.

She’d seen Lar’s shirtless plenty of times working around the cabin and while she had sense enough to admire it for what it was, there was something different about seeing Faulke this way in the privacy of his bedroom which made her feel giddy. 

“What  yer grinning at” he chuckled nervously. 

“Admiring the view” she giggled. 

This time it was his turn to blush as he pulled on his shirt. “So what can I do for you?” 

She didn’t reply instead she simply took a deep breath and marched over with the intention of doing what he’d told her to do back at the barn and kiss him. It wasn’t until she got close she realised the error. Giggling she found she came barely upto his shoulder and even on tip toes she fell somewhat short.    

“What?” he asked with smirk. 

“I was going to kiss you” she blushed, bringing her hand up around the back of his head and standing on tip toes for dramatic effect “but it’s a little difficult.” 

“It ain’t my fault yer a midget” he grinned, helping her none. 

“Oh you!” she scowled, slapping him away.   

“Finally” he exclaimed, “Something yer do like a girl” 


“Yer hit like one” he chuckled, she would have protested but suddenly she found herself drawn into his arms and kissed.


2 responses to “Asha makes a move

  1. Aw now that’s better. I’m really enjoying these two. They always put a smile on my face when I read about them.

    On another note, it’s nice to see that Farid is still helping Alice, especially after she said she didn’t want to marry him. (As if I had any doubt that Farid wouldn’t help her! Still nice though.)

  2. *cheers*

    That’s all! :D

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