Vincent starts to tell.

It could be said that vampires where seasonal creatures. In the summer time when the days where long and the nights where short there active time was fleeting day to day and for this reason Vincent was glad he had married in the winter time when nights where long allowing him to be active when Anya was still wide awake. 

Looking in at them as an outsider might in the evening you’d hardly notice a thing amiss. Vincent often dined with her and then they often retired to the comfort of her chambers as so many normal human couples might where they would talk or just sit quietly in each others company untill it was time for bed.

“You look pale” he noted putting his hand to her cheek after dinner. 

“I’m alright” she smiled, drawing close for a cuddle. A twang of guilt hit him, he knew why she was pale he still hadn’t quite got the hang of resisting the urge to feed when they where intimate. He usually made a point of feeding  from each of his retainers one a month to allow them to recover fully but it was hard to resist when her blood was right there. 

“You didn’t eat much” he noted. 

“I feel a little queasy that all” she smiled.”I’m fine don’t worry about me” 

“Are you happy here with me?” he asked.   

“Yes of course” she smiled “What’s the matter?” 

“Nothing” he smiled “So did the seamstress come today to fit your gown for the Hamdun winter ball” 

“Yes” she nodded “Though I’m still not sure I want to go” she pouted. 

“All the more reason for you to look beautiful” he reasoned “I won’t have you hide away, like you ever did anything wrong” 

“The Hamdun’s will never accept me, just like they never accepted my mother” she reasoned. 

“They will accept you when they see how beautiful you are. Now tell me what colour did you pick for your gown?” 

“I can’t tell you that” she giggled. “It would ruin the surprise” 

“But if you don’t tell me how will I dress to match?” 

“It’s bad luck” 

“Bad luck. I thought that was only for wedding dress’s?” 

“It’s for all dress’s” she grinned “Besides you should trust me to dress you for the ball” 

“Trust you, why should I do that” 

“Because I have excellent taste” she reasoned. 

“Do you?” 

“I’m here with you aren’t I?” 

“That is true” he agreed. “Come with me into the lounge, I need to speak with you” 

Nodding she allowed him to take her hand, now was as good as any he supposed. There was never going to be a good time to tell her what he was. Leading her into the lounge he sat down on the couch with her. Watch as she shuffled to be close to him. 

“Don’t do that please Anya” he instructed. 

“Why not?” she asked suddenly looking concerned. 

“I need to speak with you” 

Nodding cautiously she bit her lip. “Why  do I get the feeling I’m not going to like this conversation?” she asked. 

“Because I don’t think you are” he agreed. “Firstly I want you to know I love you very much and that I would never willingly hurt you” 

“Alright” she nodded. 

“I want you to be happy, do you understand?” 

“Yes… what’s going on Baron?” 

“Do you remember the portrait in my chambers?” 

“Yes.. the one with the wrong date?” 

“You see Anya, that’s the thing.  The date on that painting it isn’t wrong”

One response to “Vincent starts to tell.

  1. You ended the post THERE????? ARGH!!

    Also, their flirting at the beginning, with the talk of the winter ball and the clothes, was really cute.

    But ARGH!! The suspense!

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