Faulke isn’t as forgiving

Asha stood nervously at Faulke’s door waiting for him to answer. She’d been disappointed to learn he’d got back to the farm after their fight. She could hardly blame with a farm to run he could scarcely afford to be sitting moping in a tavern waiting for a stubborn and sometimes rash young woman to finally come to her senses. 

It had taken some wangling but she’d managed to convince Gabriel to give her two days away from the castle but with a journey that took best part of a day in either direction she had just a few hours to apologise. 

The door opened and their he stood, it suddenly struck her how much he was the image of his father in many ways even more so than Wolf had been. “Asha” he smiled nervously. 

“Hey” she smiled back. 

“How can I help you?” he asked cautiously. 

“I came to apologise” she admitted nervously “I wasn’t fair to you…I should have been honoured that you took the time to ask my Pa’s. I don’t apologise often, so I’d take it if I were you” 

“Well that was a mighty fine apology right up to the end bit” he chuckled. 

“Well I don’t” she reasoned.   

“Are you stayin the night?” he asked. 

“If you’ll have me” she nodded realising it was getting late “If not I’ll go to an inn” 

“I think we can find to a room” he agreed, heading out of the door past her and picking up a large sack of potato’s easily in his arms before heading across the courtyard towards the barn “Well come on, I’ve got chores to do.  You might as help if you fixin yourself to be a farmers wife” 

Asha laughed, “Who said I was going to be a farmers wife” she reasoned “Perhaps your set to be a tavern keep?” 

“Do you have a tavern?” 

“Well no… not yet” 

“Then I’m reasonin I’m ahead of you somewhat” he chuckled, setting down the sack so he could face her “So tell you what you become a farmer’s wife till you get one, then we can fight about it”

“Alright” she chuckled, “But I will get one” 

“Good I hope you do” he replied and for a moment she thought he was going to reach forward and kiss her but instead, he simply smiled and picked up the sack again and continued on his path back down to the barn. 

“Fer pity’s sake” she exclaimed chasing after him “What’s wrong with you Karogar men?” 

“What do you mean?” he chuckled. 

“Aint yer gonna kiss me?” she asked. 

“Nope wasn’t planning on it” he replied casually, pushing the door open and heading inside with her hurriedly following. 

“Why not?”  she protested. 

“What’s wrong with you kissing me” he suggested, “I figure it’s your turn” 

“But… but women .. don’t just go and kiss men” she protested. 

“Oh yer a woman, now are you?” he  teased, “I can’t keep up with you… seems to me you want the best of both. So which is it? do I treat you like a man or like a woman?” 

She paused, unsure she hated to be treated like a frail little girl and hated it when men treated her like she was soft just because she wore skirts but at the same time sometimes there were certain advantages to being of the fairer sex. “I am a woman” protested, “but… I don’t want to be treated like an idiot” 

“I wasn’t much for treating you like one” he reasoned, “But I don’t want to fight with you over every little thing either. So I’m wondering if your set to fight over every decision I make or if your actually going to let me wear the pants?” 

“Relationships are compromises” she reasoned. 

“That they are” he agreed “but some things are best left to the woman and some things are best left with the man, that’s just the facts of it”

2 responses to “Faulke isn’t as forgiving

  1. Ya know, reading this, I was reminded of Raeanne and Wolf back when they were married/going out/whatever. Asha is really stubborn and there’s Faulke being all sweet and wolflike.

    I hope they have a better marriage than Raeanne and Wolf did though.

  2. I think Faulke refusing to kiss her was brilliant. Make her work, make her wait — play hard-to-get for a bit. A great strategy.

    And I think this was a conversation they need to have. Asha’s got a good point about compromise, but with the times and all … Faulke has a point too. Asha would never let him get away with “wearing the pants” and making all the decisions. But I think if Faulke at least consults Asha first on major things that she cares about, he’ll get to do a lot of what he wants to do/thinks is best without a huge argument.

    But that’s just my two cents. :)

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