Lar’s is not reassured

Lar’s was becoming very unpopular very quickly. First he invited Vampires into the Caern and now Bastet. This time however it wasn’t the Cearn spirit that objected infact the great bear seemed quite excited to have a Bastet within it’s boundary’s. 

The other Garou however where not as impressed, as a whole the Garou did not like the Bastet. At least that was what they told themselves, Lar’s wasn’t privy to the exact details of what happened during the great war. There had been a disagreement between the Garou and the other shifting races story’s told of the general the other races unwillingness to accept the Garou as the leader’s of all Fera. The Bastet had been a particularly unwilling convert to the dominance of the wolf.   

Independent, hedonistic and fickle the cats had led the revolt fighting back and causing a conflict that had wiped several Fera races from the planet. While bringing themselves close to extinction. Suffice to say grudges still held true and none of the Garou where pleased about having a Bastet at their caern least of all Heather. 

Trying fiercely to override the fatherly instincts that drove him to be at his daughters side every time she cried out he stood in the kitchen staring at Maria. He hadn’t bought her here for this he’d ment as he’d told her to show her what it meant to be Fera but Alices condition was worsening and it occurred to him Maria conveniently may have some answers. 

“So yer sisters a mage an your Bastet so we CAN mate?” he reasoned, hopefully “yer proof of it or so I see”   

“You know more about it than me” Maria reasoned, “till a few days ago I thought I was a … mage like my sister” 

“So who was the Bastet in yer family?” he asked “Yer ma or pa?” 

“You mean who could turn into a cat?” 

“Aye” Lar’s nodded.

“Neither” the young woman replied, “Neither my mother or father were gifted” 

“Not even a mage?” 

“No” she replied. “My grandfather on my fathers side was a mage so I was told, but I never met him” 

“What about yer mother’s side?” 

“Nothing as far as I know” she reasoned. “At least not that I was told” 

“How’s that possible” he growled. 

“Lar’s calm yourself” Heather instructed, “It’s possible, kinfolk occasionally throw back a Garou… Maria do you think either you mother or father could have been kin” 

“I don’t even know what kin is” Maria reasoned. 

“Either of them real strong fer there size or quick… heal real well” Lar’s offered. 

“No” Maria shook her head. “But … now you mention it, my ma always said my grandmother was built like an ox, she never got sick save fer when she was pregnant and she could always do the work of men even when she got older an her husband slowed down” 

Heather nodded and shot him a knowing glance, nodding back he had to agree she did sound like a likely candidate. “but yer ma wasn’t like that” 

“No not really” Maria replied “Same as most I think” 

“Is that even possible?” he asked Heather. 

The older Garou nodded, “It has been known for the gift to skip a generation or two, it isn’t common but it’s happened. 

“So we got a mage in yer grandpa who passed it to yer father” Lar’s reasoned, though the thinking of it made his head hurt. “An the Bastet from yer grandmother. The mixed together when you and yer sister where born. Did yer ma have any trouble when she carried you?” 

“Not that I know” she reasoned, “I had a brother too but he didn’t have any gifts” 

“Normal pregnancy’s?” 

“Yes, I think so… I mean she lost a couple of baby’s… but don’t most women?” 

“What about your grandmother” Heather asked “You said she was as strong as an ox save for when she was pregnant?” 

“Aye she had terrible pregnancy’s” Maria nodded, “Only my ma made it to term, my grandma used to call her ‘her little miracle’ I don’t know how many baby’s she lost but it was a lot I think.  It was always real bad… she’d get real sick and burn up.  After my ma was born my grandpa wouldn’t let her try again, honestly I don’t think my grandfather would have even let her have my ma given the choice” 

“Like Alice” Heather noted looking grimly and as though on cue a wail came from Alice’s bedroom. 

“But what does it mean?” Lar’s growled growing impatient. “She’s already said the mage came from her father side” 

“The whole lot of them up there are laced with mage blood” Heather reasoned indicating in the direction of the castle. “It stands to reason that her grandfather on her mother’s side had a little in him. It’s why she lost so many baby’s… if her grandmother was kin the gift  would have stood a good chance of being passed down, her husband also must have had some mage in him which also had a good chance of being passed” 

“I don’t understand” he grumbled. 

“Every time both gifts where passed to the same baby the baby died” she explained “The only one to survive was Maria’s mother.  On that occasion it must have been because she didn’t get the mage gift, only the Bastet.  Even then it was such a weak Bastet gift it didn’t even reveal it’s self as Kin. You know just like Faulke. The wolfs in him but not enough to show. Yet its still possible Faulkes children could be kin or even full Garou, if they get lucky which just takes us back to what I’ve already told you.  Mages and werewolves can’t mix.” 

“But she’s here” he growled pointing “Surely that means they can?” 

“Her mother had such a tiny amount of our blood, the chances of her passing it on to a child so slim, her father was also not a mage so im guessing he would also have only had a slim chance of passing the gene to a child… they got lucky?” 

“So her and her sister are a fluke?” Lar’s reasoned. 

“Yes” Heather agreed.  

“That doesn’t help Alice” he grumbled, frustrated and unconvinced.


One response to “Lar’s is not reassured

  1. Frustrated is right. Poor Alice! But I’m not surprised Maria couldn’t help. It seems like most of the important stuff happened before she was born. Obviously she wouldn’t have any firsthand knowledge of it.

    But I refuse to give up for Alice! Things could get better! There’s no way Maria could just a fluke when she was re-introduced at such a crucial juncture, right?

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