Christopher is Confused.

“Chris No!” Maegan scolded, pushing his hand away as he tried to undo the ties of her gown.

“Meg’s relax” he urged pulling her back towards him and kissing her neck as she squirmed beneath his grasp.

“Don’t” she whimpered pushing him away “The servants might come in”

Looking briefly towards the door of the lounge he smiled back at her. “I could lock it” he suggested.

“It’s the middle of the day” she reasoned. “Besides they would still know” she protested.

“I don’t care” he grinned.

“I do” she whimpered. “Please Chris don’t make me”

“Meg’s I’m never going to make you” he sighed pulling away having gotten the hint she wasn’t interested.

He wouldn’t mind so much if there were times she was interested, but it seemed to him the only time she entertained his advances it was late at night with the candles blown out and even then there was always the ‘baby’s discussion’ before and after.

“Your upset” she noted, beginning to cry.

“No I’m not” he assured her, pulling her into his arms and trying to comfort her.

In truth he was disappointed, but not so much in the fact that she’d refused him on this occasion but more in the fact that no matter what he seemed to do she didn’t seem to enjoy it and her refusal wasn’t exactly rare.

He had tried almost every move in his arsenal to make her relax and enjoy it, but every time he tried to do anything out of the usual he was met with resistance.

“Meg’s don’t you like it?” he asked

“Yes of course I do” she reasoned. “I just don’t like it in the living room” Nodding he wished he believed her but he didn’t.

“Then come to my chambers” he offered half-heartedly knowing already she’d likely refuse.

“Now…” she whimpered. “but my lady’s would have to get me dressed afterwards, they would know what we did”

“Megan I’m not the only man to want to make love to his wife in the middle of the day”

“I just doesn’t seem right” she reasoned. “I don’t like it when they talk about us”

“Maegan they don’t say anything bad” he reasoned, “They would talk even more if we didn’t make love”

“I know” she whimpered. “I do want a baby. Tonight I’ll do it tonight” she promised.

“Alright” he nodded, accepting it. He was confused, upset … he no idea what it was he was doing wrong, he didn’t want her to oblige him in that way.

He could he decided make love to her the same way every day of his life if she at least seemed to enjoy it rather than merely tolerating it.

That was exactly how It seemed to him… she seemed to enjoy a kiss or cuddle but the minute it progressed beyond she seemed to only tolerate it.

2 responses to “Christopher is Confused.

  1. I really hope Maegan starts enjoying her hubby at some point

  2. I wonder what’s up with Maegan? Is that convent education still missing with her mind? I thought she’d gotten over her heebie-jeebies. :(

    Poor kiddo. Poor both of them.

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