Farid Offer’s Some Advice

“What’s wrong with you?” the voice in Asha’s head asked.

“Damn it Farid leave me alone” she cursed.

“Faulkes real upset”


“That’s not nice”

“I don’t care about being nice” she retorted angrily “Im not a nice person”

“That’s not true” Farid reasoned, “Why did you get so mad at him”

“He… didn’t consult me before seein Pa” she growled, “he didn’t even know I liked him… a fella can’t just go asking girls pa’s fer permission to court them without even knowin if they like them”

“Oh…… “



“Farid! What the hell did you do?”

“I…. “

“Farid tell me or I swear I’ll break yer legs”

“I might have told Faulke you liked him” her brother admitted, “but he kinda knew anyways… he just needed to be sure

“My own brother.. plotting against me!” she hissed back.

“No Asha” he brother insisted, “Wantin you happy that’s all and you liked him, he liked you was stupid carryin on not tellin”

“Yer a fine one to talk… what did you do wit Alice, roll over a took it”

“I can’t make her like me” Farid reasoned.

“No instead you bumbled around like the village idiot! Let her think you where a simpleton no wonder she didn’t want to marry you”

“aw… that’s not fair” he whimpered before going quiet.

“I’m sorry” she apologised after a long pause and calming down enough to realise she’d been out of order. “It’s just I get frustrated with ya that’s all, your such a great guy an you let people think yer slow”

I don’t mean too” he replied quietly “I just ain’t good talkin ter people, I say stupid things an I know it’s stupid as soon as it leaves me mouth but then you can’t put it back”

“I know she sighed. “I just wish I could get Alice to see what a great guy you are. You’d make a mighty cute couple”

“So would you and Faulke” he replied.

“Bah we ain’t talking about me and Faulke”

“I thought we were?”


Are yer sure?”

“Pretty sure” she replied, her mood lightening.

That’s odd” he decided, “I thought we were… still you know Asha it wouldn’t hurt you none to act like a girl sometimes”

“What do you mean by that?”

I just mean, yer allowed to be nervous an shy like… guys like when girls wait ter be asked out,  makes em feel more like men

“You mean I should be flattered he wants to make my decisions for me, besides what the hell do you know about bein a man?”

“I think I might know something about it” her brother reasoned “Yer just don’t have to be so damn independent all the time that’s all… it’s ok to let a man ter take care of ya that’s all”


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