Faulke tries to explain

Asha stood defensively in the doorway as she opened the door to Faulke. “What do you want?” she growled, having spent the past two days fuming over what she considered his presumptions.

“I came to help with your reading” he replied clearly alittle taken back by her stance.

“Where were you yesterday?”

“I had some things to do”

“Things in the mountains?”

“Erm… yes”

“things with Tarik?” she growled.

“Yes” he agreed “whats the matter Asha?”

“I know you spoke to my father!” she hissed, opening the door enough to let him in before storming into the room and glowering at him from the other side.

“How.. did you…Did he tell you?” he mumbled following her inside.

“No Farid did”

“Oh” he nodded seeming to understand “Did I do something wrong?” he asked.

“Do you think you should talk to me, before deciding my future?!”

“Im… not deciding your future” he tried to reason. “I… thought… I mean I hoped you’d be pleased”

“Pleased!” she growled, “you didn’t even ask me!”

“I … I … well I thought”

“You thought what?!”

“I thought It was the right thing to do.. I wanted to be respectful of your pa”

“But not respectful of me” she growled, “Or don’t I get a say?”

“Course you get a say” he reasoned “but I was pretty sure …”

“Sure of what”

“Well I think, I mean…” sighing he looked at his feet “I don’t know” he admitted.

“I thought you said you were pretty sure!” she retorted, “How can you be pretty sure and then the next minute not know?”

“Well…. I was pretty sure you kinda liked me” he admitted, looking awkward. “Was I wrong?”

“Then why didn’t you ask me?”

“I told you, I wanted to be respectful of your pa and of you I didn’t want any misunderstanding like….”


“Damnit Asha do you have to be so bull headed” he retorted suddenly seeming to find his confidence. “I like you… I like you a lot and this wasn’t about deciding anything for you… it was about bein respectful. I’m here in your chambers everyday and if we started courtin I didn’t want anyone thinking I was doing to you, what your brother did to Alice”

“What do you mean be that?” she growled.

“I mean he took advantage of her, all upset over that Duncan boy” he reasoned. “An now she’s pregnant having to live with it”  

“He offered to marry her” she hissed back getting even more worked up. She knew her brother and while she did not being to understand what exactly had occurred or how. She knew he hadn’t intentionally taken advantage of anyone.

“I know” he nodded, “but he never should have gone near her in the first place.. it wasn’t right and I didn’t want your pa.. or you thinking I was the same sorta man as your brother”

“You should only wish you were the same sorta man as my brother” she fumed.

“Look Asha I’m Sorry, I just seem to be making it worse” he reasoned, “I’m understanding that your upset and im sorry, but honestly I’m not really understanding why.. I wasn’t planning on making you do anything you didn’t want. I just wanted your pa’s blessin that’s all. Make sure they thought I was good enough for you before I told you, cause there isn’t any point courtin someone who’s already planned. Look I’ll leave, im sorry if I caused offence it was never my intention”

One response to “Faulke tries to explain

  1. Faulke! No, don’t go!! I mean, yes, saying that Farid took advantage of Alice was not the way to go, especially when it was the other way around. But you need to talk this out with her. You can’t just leave.

    … Then again, something will probably throw you into each other’s way again, so I won’t worry too much.

    Also, I sort of support Faulke with what he’s doing here. He was getting permission from her fathers before courting her. This doesn’t mean he wants to marry her tomorrow, and certainly not against her will. I certainly understand that Asha would want to be asked first, especially given the info Farid gave her, but I don’t think Faulke is planning to pop the question yet. (Or if he was he certainly isn’t now.) He just wanted to make sure everything was ok before going too far. Not a bad strategy in 1041 AD … especially not when one of your girl’s papas is a mage! ;)

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