Maria learn’s of the Fera.

The Bastet certainly made them wait and it was late evening before she returned cautiously peering around the doorframe like a naughty child trying to creep back down the stairs after she’d been sent to bed.

Standing Christopher smiled “We won’t hurt you” he promised.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“I wanted to thank you” he replied “You saved my life the other night do you remember?”

She nodded looking cautiously from her husband to Lar’s. She seemed scared and clearly a little confused but after a minutes pause she turned to her husband. “Jed go and take care of William, I’ll talk to his lordship”

“I’d rather stay” her husband protested.

“Please Jed”

Watching as he husband stood looking irritated and confused but began to head out of the room and back towards the stairs. Strangely Christopher got the impression the father was used to being confused and ill informed but that didn’t mean he liked it.

“How did you find me?” she asked.

“It wasn’t hard” Christopher admitted, “There aren’t many farmsteads close by and we have a friend who is good at finding your kind. Besides you came down from the mountains with Tarik didn’t you? It wasn’t hard to put two and two together”

“So.. you know about Tarik as well?” she asked.

“Yes” Christopher nodded, “We’re friends of Tarik”

“You are?”

“Yes… at least we are friends of Quillen” He explained “Tarik has been unwell”

Suddenly she looked concerned, “Is he alright?”

“He’s recovering. I am told he get’s stronger every day”

“That’s good” she nodded, “Perhaps I shall visit, I haven’t seen him or my sister in a few year’s”

“Yer have a sister?” Lar’s interrupted.

“Yes…” she replied cautiously as though she suddenly feared she’d done something wrong.

“Is she like you?”

She didn’t replied, eye’s wide she looked scared again.

“We aren’t going to hurt anyone, my large friend is merely interested because from what he tell’s me your … type .. are very rare”

“Not so rare” she replied, “there are quite a few with gifts like mine and Tariks”

This time is was Lar’s turn to go quiet. He gave an odd sort of look to Christopher before he spoke. “… but yer not like Tarik” he prompted “Yer quite different yes?”

“Yes… we are all different” she replied nervously.

“Yes but yer really different, yer aint a mage like Tarik”

“What do you mean?” she asked seeming genuinely confused. “I’m gifted like Tarik”

“But yer a shifter?”

“Yes I can turn into a cat” she agreed, “all the gifted have different abilities” she explained.

“I think what my large friend is trying to get at, is that he doesn’t believe you are like Tarik. Tarik’s a mage a human with ‘gifts’ he believes your.. .your like him a shifter a different type, but not a mage”

“I’m like Tarik” she repeated clearly not understanding.

“Lass … yer can shift into a cat right?”


“Well I can shift into a wolf”

“So your gifted too” she nodded.

“No… It ain’t the same as mage. I ain’t human… im Garou”

“You’ve given a name to your gift”

“No… it’s what we are… my Pa was a shifter, my daughter is a shifter…. It’s what we are”  

“No im just gifted” she replied shaking her head.

“Can you turn into anythin else… another shape?” he asked.

“No” she replied “Only a cat”

“Never somethin in between… say when yer angry or upset?”

“No…. sometimes when I was younger I would accidently shift, when I didn’t mean too” she explained. “still happen’s occasionally”

“Der yer heal well, quick like… too quick”

“Yes most of the time” she nodded, putting her had to the scar on her cheek “Except once”

“What did that… silver? Or another supernatural?”

“A demon” she explained.

“Makes sense” Lar’s nodded, “Der yer ever get an overwhelmin feelin sometimes, to just shift and run out in the wilds. Like it takes yer and you can’t control it… just wantin that feeling of beenin free and close ter nature”

“Yes” she nodded, finally breaking a smile.

“It’s cause cause yer Fera like me” he grinned, “Im Garou warewolf, yer breed are Bastet, warecat”

“You say your daughter’s the same?” she queried.

“Aye” he nodded, “So was one of me sons, but he died”

“Then I can’t be the same” she reasoned sadly “My children can’t shift, nor could my parents”

“Yer kids are too young doesn’t happen till puberty” he explained, “but yer sister?” he asked hopefully.

“She…. You used to control fire… but she lost the gift”

It was no Lar’s turn to look confused. “She can’t shift?”

“No” she replied. “She used to be able to make fire, use it as a weapon”

“That’s intrestin” Lars nodded.

“What does it mean?” Christopher asked. “Does it mean she’s not Bastet?”

“No” Lar’s shook is head. “It’s confusin, but I ain’t much of a thinker… only have ter ask me wife” he chuckled. “Heathers best person ter ask, she knows more about how the gift is passed though the blood. I’d like ter ask yer to come up ter my Cabin and speak wit Heather an bring yer sister Heather will know what’s going on”

“There are more of you?” she asked.

“Quite a few” he nodded.

“All shifters?”


“Any more like me?” she asked, “cat’s?”

“No” he shook his head “all wolves, but we can still teach yer a fair bit I’d wager”

One response to “Maria learn’s of the Fera.

  1. Ooh, I forgot for a minute that Dorothy was Maria’s sister! Lars is definitely in for a shock.

    … Hey, wait a minute, if the mages and Bastets have been interbreeding for years with minimal ill effects, what does that say for Alice and Farid’s baby? (Assuming Heather hasn’t had it aborted while Lars was away.) Looks like somebody’s ideas are about to get turned upside-down. Just wish I knew whose.

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