Lars waits for Maria

Lar’s peered around the farmhouses kitchen it was well kept and tended nothing about it revealing anything about the nature of its occupants.

He’d not been overly surprised that Bastet had ran especially if she’d recognised him for what he was. The Bastet and the Garou had a long and painful history.

A history that hurt the Bastet so badly it had driven them to practical extinction and ingrained it’s self deeply on both Fara races,  it passed the hatred down into the mortal breeds of cats and dogs.

These days the Bastet lived in hiding fearing the Garou would finish them off completely. Lar’s however cared little for war’s that happened before even vampires existed, right now he only had time for war’s just around the corner.

The Farmer was the apparent Bastet’s human husband, was it became quickly apparent had no inclination of his wife’s true nature.

However as defensive as he’d tried to be concerning his wife he’d managed to answer’s enough Lar’s question’s well enough that he was certain she was indeed a ware cat.

Bastet and Garou where in many ways not that different or at least so Heather told him they could both shift forms and held their elegance to Gaia.

However they were so rare, he nor Heather had actually met one face to face before. Heather didn’t believe they where governed by the phases of the moon as garou where, instead she’d heard they were swayed by the phases of day and night. The farmers admittance than his wife often sloped off as soon as the sun went down seemed to support this but beyond that Lar’s was clueless.

Like Wolfs they had could be human or cat born but Heather had never heard of cat tribes, instead she believed they separated themselves by species.

Christopher had told him she had been large and golden but having never seen a large golden cat before he had no clue of it’s name nor what that meant to the Bastet.

“Do yer have children?” he asked the farmer as he looked out scanning the fields for any sign of the elusive cat. It was winter the harvests done for the year so it was easy to see across the barren fields.

“Yes” the farmer replied seeming uneasy “Why?”

“Just makin conversation” Lar’s reasoned, though in truth he was wondering because of the risk of rage. Young warewolves where unpredictable he didn’t know if the bastet suffered with it but you could never be too sure. “How old?”

“Well jasmine and Daisy are grown” the farmer reasoned, “then Rose is 14 she’s just been married”

“They yer wifes kids?” he cut in thinking the young woman who’d fled to young to have grown children.

“No… “ he replied “They where my first wifes”

“Any wit yer current one?”

“Yeah three, the twin’s are eleven and William is three”

Lar’s nodded, “Your wife got a temper?”

“No” the farmer replied indignantly before looking towards where Christopher sat. “Your lordship what is this about has my wife done something wrong?” he begged.

“Jed calm down” Christopher smiled “She hasn’t done anything”

“Then why all the questions?”

“Lar’s enough” Christopher instructed.

“Arite” he nodded, understanding that Jed was a simple man and he was confused and scared enough “Ain’t meaning ter make yer uneasy”


One response to “Lars waits for Maria

  1. If Maria had a temper, the whole kingdom would know about it by now! Poor thing has been through enough in her life that would make anyone pitch a fit or two.

    Besides, cats don’t get mad. They get even. ;)

    And again I don’t blame Maria for running, although I think she said that she doesn’t know what she is? Or that she thinks she’s a mage whose gift is to turn herself into a cat. Still, if she can sense that Lars is a werewolf, yeah, she’s got a reason to run.

    I hope she’s back soon, though!

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