Asha is Patient

Asha waited patiently the first day and the second but by the time it got to the third day her patience’s was waning. Her father, Falcon always told her she scared off men by being too direct that she needed to reign in her temperament if she was to ever find a husband.

Men it seemed did not like women who thought they were equal to a man. This wasn’t to say Falcon thought she should be subservient, as some men expected. Her mother had certainly never been a lesser partner in the relationship.  Just that she should perhaps temper her fierce independence, until at least a man had gotten to know her.

Well she had tried! She had waited and smiled and fluttered and waited and waited some more. Nothing worked!!! he was either stupid blind or both she decided.

Three days of patiently waiting for Faulke to make some kind of move, ANY move!! and nothing.  

She’d grown more certain that he liked her, the sign’s where evident and abundant.

He’d come to help her decifer the book for three god damn days running!!!  Yet other than confirmation from her brother that he did indeed have an interest, he’d made no move to attempt any sort of courtship.

 So Asha who was not the most patient of girls even under the most perfect of circumstances was getting ever so slightly tired of waiting.

Peering down at the book which sat on the desk between them, it was certainly cozy sharing a small bench designed for one. It would be so easy she decided for Faulke to put his arm around her or shift in closer but no matter how she wished he would he kept at least a finger gap between them as though he was terrified he get a smack for even attempting to close it.

“Is my Dar looking after you?” she asked referring to the fact the Falcon was allowing Faulke to stay with him at the tavern while he helped Asha with her reading.

“He’s very kind” Faulke nodded leaning forward to flick the book onto the next page. “I get the feeling your brother wish’s I wasn’t there though”

“Oh Farids fine” she replied quickly, “He’s just abit of a loner, I guess he’s not used to sharing his room, besides I think he’s still abit upset over Alice”

 “I still can’t believe it” Faulke replied letting out a drawn sigh “Alice pregnant. What was she thinking? Ma is going to pitch a fit”

“Farid wanted to marry her” Asha added quickly, she knew Faulke knew, but she still felt to the need to add it, every time it was mentioned.

“Yeah I think she’s making a mistake by not accepting” Faulke reasoned, “Pa must be out of his mind, allowing her to raise the baby alone”

“If you got a girl pregnant would you offer to marry them?” she asked.

“I’d never get a girl pregnant” he reasoned, looking bashful “At least not till she was my wife”

“And do you have your eye on anyone?” she prompted.

“Oh.. erm..  I …. I don’t know” he mumbled.

“How old are yer?”

“Oh twenty one in January” he replied.

“That’s a good age, ter be thinkin about taking a wife”

“So my ma says” he nodded, “but I guess I just … I guess im not that good with women”

“I think you could be good if ya tried” she smiled, hoping he would at least take a hint “I just don’t think yer make much of an effort”

“Oh… an why do you think that?”

“Im thinkin ya seem like the kind of guy take an age, before actually getting around to telling a girl how you feel”

“I don’t think so” he replied “I’d tell… if I wanted”

“And do you?” she prompted.


“Wanna tell a girl how you feel?” she sighed.

“No” he replied looking uncomfortable. “Anyway… We should really be focusing on your book”


One response to “Asha is Patient

  1. I’m with Asha. Get to it already, Faulke! ;)

    However … she could always try making a move herself if he doesn’t move fast enough for her. He probably wouldn’t take too badly to a kiss from her.

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