Jed is Cornered

Jed looked out across the fields to where his wife was working. It had been an unusual few years of marriage. The twin’s where almost teens and they’d introduced a new son to the family however Jed and Maria remained distant.

Maria was a good wife in that she minded her husband, she was a good worker to the point that her ability to complete the work of Jed and his 2 best farm hands single handedly un-nerved him. She didn’t complain or grumble she got on with her duty’s without so much as a angry glance.

However she also wasn’t happy… at least she didn’t seem to be. It was frustratingly hard to tell, because Maria rarely smiled or laughed. She worked ate and slept with the family but her times outside of that was usually spent alone and away from the farm.

He didn’t know where she went or what she did. A jealous man may have worried she was spending time with other men but Jed did not feel it was in her character to be unfaithful.

They worked together and lived together they even raised their children together but in all other ways they were as separate and distant as two people could be and he could scarcely believe they had managed to have children at all.

Still despite the troubles with his wife he was not an un-happy man, his children where happy and healthy and his farm was thriving and supposed he was not the only man to have a wife he did not love or a wife that did not love him.

All this however did not stop him from being fascinated by the mysterious creature he was married too.  Often finding himself staring at her trying to discern what could be going on in her mind. Infact some days he felt he would give anything for the briefest glimpse of what she thought or felt especially concerning him.

He watched with interest as two men on horses cantered into the field where she worked and watched as she greeted them. It was too far to even get a hint of what they were talking about but he watched as his wife visibly tensed and begun to back away.

Heading out onto the porch he put down the rag he’d been cleaning with and began to head in their direction concerned especially as the men appeared armed. However he soon relaxed when he got close enough to recognise the young Lord Vaux.

Suddenly and inexplicably his wife bolted, Christopher reached out to grab her but she pushed him to the ground as though he where as light as a bag of feathers and ran. Breaking into a sprint he hurried to where the young lord was picking himself up off the ground.

“What’s going on?” he demanded, forgetting his place for a moment.

“Were needin ter speak with your wife” a large blonde man replied.

“Why? Has she done something wrong?” Jed asked.

“No.. no not at all” the young lord replied, dusting himself off “Quite the opposite in fact”

“Then why did she run?” he dared feeling confused, not that it was an unusual feeling concerning his wife.

“I guess she was misunderstandin our intention’s?” the blond man smiled.

“I’m sorry… do I know you?” Jed asked feeling intimidated by the massive man.

“I’m Lar’s, im a friend o Chris here… an I’m hopin.. yer wife could help us wit a few question’s”

“Maria doesn’t answer question’s” Jed reasoned, “not even too me”

“Then perhaps you could answer them” Christopher replied “Shall we go inside?”

“Erm… sure” Jed nodded, feeling very unsettled and nervous. “But im not sure I know much especially concerning Maria”

“I bet ye know more than yer think you do” Lar’s replied with a chuckle “Will ye relax” he urged “we ain’t gonna eat yer”


One response to “Jed is Cornered

  1. Aww, poor Maria! Chris just wants to thank her, I’m sure of it! … And probably enlist her aid in the big supernatural war coming up. Hmm. Suddenly I don’t blame her for running.

    And Lars in Grimstead! Ooooh. I wonder if Sophie knows? Well, of course Sophie knows. But I wonder what she’s going to do about it?

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