Vincent ponder’s his trip

Vincent sighed, it wasn’t so much an outlet of air as an outlet of stress.  He could have been home already had he run, but instead he took the slow route  relaxing in the Queen’s coach as it lazily made its way back to his estate.

Time at court had been an interesting experience the ‘Queen’ have been quite forth coming which was unusual but it had not removed the nagging feeling at the back of his skull that for every ‘truth’ she told she had hidden twenty more.


Like for example why where there so many kindred in Grimstead?? It certainly didn’t take them all to tell him there was a mad Tzimisce with blood on his mind and a band of half crazed mages within the boundaries of his fief. Of that he was certain.

Still it hadn’t been the only topic of discussion, Isabelle’s recent visit certainly made more sence now he realised the crazed Malkav worked for the Queen.  It was an information gathering exercise and the Queen had certainly been interested in Anya.

This was what worried Vincent. Most of the time the elder ruler’s did not interfere with how the kindred Princes ruled their fiefs but the Queen’s interest in Anya had been great. Naturally her first question had been ‘When’ did Vincent intend to turn her.

Honestly Vincent had never even considered turning the young woman, introducing her to his world almost certainly, but the thought of actually turning the vibrant girl so full of life into …. Into what he was, had never been a consideration.

This had not gone down well with the Queen.

Besides her pointing out that despite his 600 years he never actually created a child of his own, she also positively recoiled at the news that he loved her.

His issue now was simply that he was unsure as to the ‘Queen’s’ motives did the novelty of a vampire falling in love with a human simply fascinate her from a novelty point of view or more worryingly did the Queen know something he didn’t? Had Isabelle plucked something from Anya’s mind when she’d locked her mind to him?

Dismissing the idea he decided he was being paranoid. Deciding instead, to look forward to seeing Anya again.

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