Hannah runs and hides

“Oh No!” Hannah groaned peering out of the window.

“Whats the matter?” Holly asked, turning her attention from Eadric who seemed more intent on wearing his supper than he was eating it.

“Lorcan” Hannah sighed, “He’s home”

Holly chuckled, Lorcan was a ‘interesting’ character harmless enough for the most part but growing up with very little in the way of parental guidance he tended to act first and think later.

Valdermar called him wilful and defiant and yet when it came to his knights training he was evidently more controlled than Thomas had been,  even if the only proof was the fact that he hadn’t yet been kicked out and Sir Bendett maintained he had “potential”.

Sometimes however Holly wondered if Sir Bendett had not kept the boy at the barrack’s in the hope something good would come of him. Fearing being sent home to a brother that for the most part ignored him would do him more harm than good.

It wasn’t that Valdermar didn’t care for his younger sibling, but the two had never been close. She put it down to the fact that as a older brother rather than a father Valdermar was unsure exactly what his role should be.   

Valdermar for the most part struggled to even know who he was or who he wanted to be never mind being capable of dealing and guiding a young boy who was often resistant and disobedient. Still Holly had never seen any “bad” in Lorcan  and she thought him merely confused and alone.


“Well he’ll be off to university after Christmas” Holly reasoned, “You only have to put up with him for a month”

“Well I swear, if he lays hide hand on my behind again he’ll lose it” Hannah threatened.

“Did you ever think that perhaps he likes you?” Holly suggested, “Perhaps he doesn’t know how to express it”

“Likes me or not he can keeps his hands to himself” Hannah chuckled, “If he don’t I’ll tell me pa,  Lord or no lord he can explain it to him”

“Oh dear” Holly laughed, “So how are things having your father home?”

“Much the same as without him” the young girl replied, “he isn’t around much, nice to have some money comin in though”

“Don’t you see him much?”


“Is he at least warming to Gaelen?”

“Nope” she giggled, walking over to where Holly sat “Well maybe a little, still doesn’t think he’s good enough but he’s trying to get him an apprentiship up at the barracks workin for the smithy”

“He’s just trying to take care of you” Holly reasoned.

“I know, but I just wish he’d stop glowerin like a large grizzly bear every time Gaelen comes near me”

“Fathers are supposed to be protective”

“Well I wished he’d mind his business an focus on his self” Hannah grinned.

“How’s his hunt for a wife?”

“Dunno” Hannah replied “he don’t talk about it, I think he’s worried we will think he’s replacin ma. I just think he needs to stop worrin about it so much, I can take care of things at the house”

“Maybe he’s just thinking about the future, maybe he’s thinking about you getting married and going to move elsewhere”

“Chance is a fine thing” Hannah giggled “Pa says not to even THINK about marryin till im fifteen”

One response to “Hannah runs and hides

  1. And when Hannah is fifteen, he’ll probably tell her not to think about it until she’s eighteen, then twenty-one, then finally thirty … ;)

    Just kidding. I know this is Ye Olden Days. But Orion is a bit of a bear of a father.

    I also would not bet on Lorcan against him!

    Though maybe Holly can do Lorcan some good? I mean, just be a good influence with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s confused and alone … and if he’s gay (as opposed to bi and thus able to get on with women), well, no wonder he’s acting out. It isn’t easy being gay in Ye Olden Days. … Especially since they had no conception of homosexuality as such …

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