Asha gets help

Henry had declared that every child in Grimstead would receive an education from the richest noble down to the lowliest peasant and so they had.

Unfortunately for Asha even though the letter of this declaration had been followed, the spirit of it had been lost. She’s been taught to cook and clean and even basic math to allow her to shop and tend a house.

However because many people, school teachers especially thought teaching merchant girls to read was a waste of time she’d never been truly taught to read and the only reader in the talon household was Farid.  

Staring now at the spell book before her she watched as the letters and symbol’s seemingly danced across it’s pages. She knew the answer’s she needed where within it’s the leaves of coarse yellowed paper but the limited familiarity with her letter’s her brother had given her would not allow her to make sense of it.

Sighing she pushed the book across the table, in the same way she had every day for week’s. Gabriel was starting to get frustrated at the lack of answer’s but it was nothing compared to her own growing frustration.

A knock at the door put an end to her thoughts rising from the desk she answered, surprised to find Faulke standing on the other side looking sheepish.

It was an odd sort of thing never before had she really considered Faulke anything more than a friend, normally preferring more self-assured men. However since Alice had let slip that he liked her his presence at the door of her chambers suddenly made her cheek’s flush.

“Hello” she smiled, “what are you doing here?”

“Ma da sent me to check up on you” he reasoned.

“Did he?” Asha replied, staring the young man dead in the eye she knew instantly it had been a lie. Lar’s might send Duncan or Ailith or even Alice but the likelihood of Lar’s sending Faulke halfway across Grimstead to check on her was highly unlikely and that knowledge alone made her cheek’s burn all the redder.

The thing was for all her bravado Asha had never really spent much time courting or even hanging around with boys’ growing up she’d spent most days working in the Tavern or trying to keep Farid out of trouble and this had not left her with much time to do the normal things girls did. Infact before Alice she had never really so much as had a true friend besides her brother.

“Yes he did” Faulke reasoned, fidgeting awkwardly, some much so that Asha chuckled at the fact that she’d never noticed his obvious shyness before. “So how are you?” he asked.

“Im fine, I’m tryin to learn a spell but I’ll damn if I can make head nor tail of it”

“Oh” he nodded walking past her and over to the desktop where he peered down at the book. “Whats the problem?”

“I…. don’t read well” she admitted, back in Darkfire she’d been ashamed to admit it, but here with Faulke a man who’d grown up on a farm it was probably not that unusual and therefore seemed less embarrassing.  

“Want me to help?” he offered.

“Can yer read?” she asked.

“Aye” Faulke smiled, “I can’t turn into a ware wolf or cast spells but I can read well enough, Vincent taught me” he explained.

“Oh” she smiled relieved, she’d known Farid would have helped her if she’d asked and that had been her next plan but Faulke was a far more interesting choice as a teacher. “That would be mighty fine, if your sure you don’t mind?”

“It’s nice to be useful” he replied. “Not often I can help you ‘super’ folke” he grinned.

Nodded she watched as he likewise flushed red, taking off his jacket he hung it around the arm of the chair before taking a seat looking over the book.


One response to “Asha gets help

  1. Awwwwww. Just … awwwww.

    And hey Faulke, don’t knock reading. Without the written word, you wouldn’t EXIST! ;)

    … So to speak …

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