Christopher finds a silly bee

Christopher tip-toed cautiously across the hallway, which joined his room with Maegan’s.

He supposed he was being a very foolish man but in all the time they had been together she had always managed to worm her way from her bed and into his before the fourth bell after the Compline bell, unless of course his drinking had him still out of bed at such an hour, but even then she’d surely sneak her way into his bed no sooner had he laid his head down to rest.

It had reached the point the housekeeper now joked she wasn’t even sure why Maegan had a room of her own or why indeed either of them continued the pretence of her sleeping in it.

He had forced himself to lie there well after the 5th bell but eventually he could force himself no longer. Tapping lightly on her door he peered inside half expecting her to be found sleeping he was surprised and concerned to find her nowhere to be seen.

Continuing his search he snuck across her room to the stairs which led down to the lounge room she hardly ever used. Spotting her curled up on the couch in front of the fire he crept down the stairs.

“Hey silly bee” he whispered as he drew near, causing her to stir “Did you fall asleep?”

“I wasn’t sleeping not really” she protested feebly.

“Then why did you not come to me?” he asked “The fifth bell ran some time ago and I was lonely”

“Where you?” she asked, her big gray eye’s wide and hopeful in the manner he found so endearing. He had to admit it was a good feeling to know a woman loved you and was yours without thought or care about another.

Leaning forward he kissed her cheek, surprised to find it damp. “Have you been crying?” he asked.

“No” she lied.

“What’s the matter, Megs?”

“Nothing” she whispered.

“You know it’s very naughty to hide things from your husband?” he scolded softly.

“I’m sorry” she replied, leaning forward to kiss him.

“Oh no” he warned, “No trying to distract me”

“Kiss me” she giggled.

Obliging he planted a short peck on her cheek. “Now tell me why you’ve been crying”

“You’ll think me dreadfully silly” she murmured.

“I think you dreadfully silly already” he smiled “but that’s ok because im dreadfully silly as well and together we make a fine silly pair. Now what is the matter?”

“My…. “ she paused.


“My… thing… it came”  

“Your thing?” he queried confused, with no clue as to what she could possibly be talking about.

“Oh Chris, don’t make me say it” she begged, “My thing…. My women’s thing”

“Womens thing?” he asked, none the wiser.

“ Chris” she murmured, “My monthly women’s thing.

“Oh” he sighed suddenly understanding what she was talking about but not why she was upset about it. Sometimes he found her shyness about matters of the body a very endearing quality and found amusement in seeing how many shade of red he could make her turn by being blatantly crude or crass.  He’d assumed she’d ‘grow’ out of it and she found confidence in herself but also in the strength of their relationship.

However at times especially of late he was beginning to find her coyness in the bedroom was losing its charm especially now she’d begun to treat their sex life as nothing more than a means to an end and no amount of gentle encouragement seemed to make her enjoy it.

This however was not one of those times and a conversation about women’s cycles was normally one he’d try and avoid, but it seemed to have upset her so he felt obliged to at least attempt to find out why.  

“Well alright” he began, “But doesn’t it come every month? D o you cry about it every time?”

“No” she whimpered, “But I was hoping it wouldn’t come this time. Don’t you think it would have been the most wonderful Christmas announcement telling people we were expecting a baby?”

He paused, carefully considering his answer.

The last thing he wanted to say at this point was actually no he was quite happy no baby was forthcoming. That given the choice he would hold it off at least another year, come to think of it… Given the choice, he would suggest she take the tea he’d acquired for Raeanne.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want babies one day, nor was it that he didn’t want them with her. Honestly he could think of no-one he’d rather have them with. It was just that she was … so young and sometimes he didn’t wonder if he hadn’t rushed things just a little and perhaps waiting a year or two wouldn’t give them both a chance to settle down and time for her to grow up.

Besides things where so perfect… or at least near to it, that he didn’t feel inclined to share her just yet.

“They say you shouldn’t announce it until the baby moves anyway” he offered helpfully “A first missed cycle is too soon, don’t you think?”

“Oh Chris” she pouted “Anyone would think you don’t want babies”

“I didn’t say that” he reasoned, “but they do say they come when they are ready”

“But everyone expects it…. The noblewomen keep talking poking and prodding at me like there’s something wrong”

“We haven’t been together that long” he reasoned.

“We’ve been married 18 months” Maegan protested, “I know we haven’t been together that long but no-one else knows that, they think there is something wrong with me”

“Megs I really think this year the last thing anyone will talking about is why you’re not pregnant in fact talking of babies will be the last thing on peoples mind” he reasoned, thinking about the announcement of the Queen’s loss. “Now come along Silly, I am freezing sat here in nothing but my underwear, come to bed and keep me warm”

“Oh but…”

“But nothing” he shushed her standing up and pulling her up to join him. “Run along young lady or I shall be forced to spank you”

“Chris!” she squealed as he lashed out playfully at her. “You’re not funny!”

“I am very funny” he insisted, “Now run along I shall count to ten and if I catch you, I won’t be held responsible for what I’ll do to you” he grinned wickedly.

3 responses to “Christopher finds a silly bee

  1. Aww, Megs. :( I thought she was already pregnant, though. Guess I was wrong.

    If it were possible, I think I’d say that Kaitlyn needs to come for a Christmas visit. Maegan probably needs her mom just about now. However … Raeanne would probably do in a pinch. (Not that she has much experience in that way, since before Orion she only slept with Wulf once and along came Skye …) But still, I think it’s too early for Maegan to be worrying. And she’s still so young. Her body might not even be ready to carry a baby yet, period or no period.

  2. Yeah you’ve got to remember shes only been sexualy active for about 10 weeks and a good week of that Chris was in the mountains.

    so i think she abit quick worrying

  3. Oh goodness! I didn’t realize that the time was that short. Yeah, she has absolutely nothing to worry about yet. Give it at least six months, then start worrying.

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