Chris warn’s Orion

Christopher could help but feel riled, watching his sister and Orion walk down the stairs and into the hallway before him as brazenly as anything.

While it was true he’d acquired some herb’s for her to help prevent an unwanted pregnancy he’d not expected for their carrying on to go on under ‘his’ roof.

“Anna this is not an inn” he sighed, to Orion’s amusement. “You can’t just come here and use my guest rooms as you please”  

“Oh Chris” Raeanne smiled, “I can’t very well take him home to Fraymont”

“Why not?” Christopher dared, though he knew full well the answer.

“Father wouldn’t approve”

“Im not sure I do” Christopher replied “Do you have any idea what the old goat would do if he found out I was harbouring the pair of you?”

“Chris im an adult”

“The do it under fathers roof, explain to him what sort of adult you are. You know he’ll blame me for this“     

“Please” his sister begged, “father asks too many questions, the one-time Orion visit’s he assigned me a chaperon”

“I bet he did” he finally managed to chuckle, “But please find somewhere else”

“Alright” she agreed, “But till I do, can we use my old room?”

Sighing heavily he nodded, “God knows what I am going to tell Maegan. Now get yourself home I need to speak with Orion”  

Watching as his sister ran off she looked happier than she had in a long time. The furrow’s in her brow from worrying about everyone else seemed somewhat lessened, but somehow could shake the feeling this was all going to end badly for her.

Heading to his study Orion followed silently neither of them speaking until the door was firmly shut.

“You don’t approve” Orion dared “Despite your fancy words about wanting her happy”


“Happy I want” Christopher reasoned slumping down into his chair “Orion what are your intentions towards her”

“It is what it is” Orion shrugged.

“Yes and I want to know what ‘it’ is? Do you love her?”

“Chris… “ he soldier sighed, “I haven’t promised her anything”

“So I take it your still looking for a wife elsewhere?” he replied.

“Now yer making it seem terrible. She’s a fine woman but yes I suppose I am”

“What about when you find one… are you intending on just stopping visiting?”

“I guess” Orion nodded. “but she knows.. I ain promised her nothin, an she knows im still seekin a wife”

“Knows… and ‘knows’ are different things”

“She’s even helpin”

“Helping… hoping more like hoping you’ll turn around one afternoon and realise she’s the one you were looking for”

“Chris if ought I’m more certain now that she would not fit in at my place”

“She lived with a woodsman”

“She lived with Lar’s and if you ain’t noticed he aint exactly living like a pauper, it ain’t the same”

Chris nodded, He’d never actually seen Orion’s home but remembering what Brittany and Deonte’s house was like the few times he’d visited it was a world away from what Raeanne was used to, even up at the Cabin.

“Then I’m sorry” Chris sighed, “I’m going to have to ask that you don’t visit with her anymore”

“And if I don’t?” Orion dared.

“I’ll tell my father” Chris threatened “I won’t have her hurt”


One response to “Chris warn’s Orion

  1. Something tells me that Raeanne is going to end up hurt no matter how this turns out. Or she’ll make a snap decision to throw her lot in with Orion. She’s lost one man because she was too hesitant to give up her luxuries and her way of life, I don’t think she’ll make that mistake again.

    Of course, she could easily run headlong into the opposite sort of mistake …

    This ought to be interesting. :)

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