Abel shares the wrong news

Persia headed out into the lounge she shared with her husband, breakfast was already laid and Abel who had already done an early morning patrol sat at the table waiting for her.


She hadn’t bothered to dress long gone had the time she felt the need to dress for her husband and as it was her day off she intended to spend as much of it with Sebastian as the nanny would allow.

“Well are you going to tell me?” she smiled, “I was told there was news I waited last night but you didn’t come”

“Oh.. “ Abel replied seeming somewhat distracted. “Sit down”

Taking a seat she waited expectantly. Noting that Abel did not seem to be as happy about the news, as Daniel had led her to expect.

“I didn’t know you’d seen anyone this morning” he replied. She was just about to say that she hadn’t and Daniel had told her the afternoon before when she noticed him seeming to struggle with whatever it was.

“Abel what’s the matter?” she asked suddenly concerned.

“Helewys…. “ he replied.  “She died during the night”

Persia felt herself go cold as all the blood seemed to drain from her body, “Sebastian?!” she panicked rising her first thoughts going to her son.

“He’s fine” Abel assured her placing his hand protectively on her’s. “I’ve been to see him”

Settling back down she found herself stunned. “I only saw her yesterday” she murmured, “She seemed so healthy”

“It’s a surprise to everyone” Abel agreed.

Suddenly feeling very guilty, all this time she’d been jealous of the little princess and how much bigger and alert she’d seemed in comparison to her own son. How Sophie was allowed to see her whenever she wanted.

“Do you think Sophie knew?” she asked softly, wondering if somehow the queen had sensed there was something wrong and that was why she’d distanced herself from the baby.

“I have no doubt my sister knew” Abel replied with a certainty she did not understand.

“Oh Abel it’s just too terrible” she whimpered.

Standing, Abel nodded crossing the short gap between then he caressed the side of her face. Looking up she noted her husband was also on the verge of tears.  Standing to join him she threw herself into his arms and allowed him to hold her as she cried.

She didn’t know why she felt such loss perhaps it was that she’d already imagined the two baby’s becoming the best of friends or perhaps it was simply that as a mother she could not imagine anything more terrible than losing a child.

2 responses to “Abel shares the wrong news

  1. Now I know why you posted that forum topic over at Lothere. I wasn’t expecting that. Poor Sophie. And Daniel. Let’s just hope that nothing happens to Sebastien. Abel and Persia have enough going on as it is.

  2. Oh NO!!! Not the poor baby!! *sob*

    No wonder Sophie was so withdrawn and sad … of course she knew it was happening …

    Poor everybody! (And good job on that misdirection. I thought for sure it would be Sebastian who died.)

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