In a lady’s nursery

“Is the Queen alright?” Persia asked Ailana as she wandered into Helewys’s nursery where Ailana as busying herself playing with the baby.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve just been into her room to help her dress and she sent me away saying she wouldn’t be needing help today she intended to spend the day alone”


“I have no idea” Aliana replied “Honestly she’s been acting rather oddly ever since the baby came”

“Do you think she’s alright?”

“Do you mean do I think she’s unwell?”

“Perhaps” Persia suggested, moving forward so she could see Helewys who lay quietly nestled in Ailana’s arm’s. “A baby suits you” she smiled.

“I can’t wait to have one of my own” Ailana admitted, “and since her mama doesn’t want her I thought I’d come and steal a cuddle”

“Don’t you think it’s odd how little time Sophie spends with her?” Persia noted.

Aliana shrugged “I guess she’s very busy”

“But lucky for Helewys her papa isn’t” Daniel smiled, walking in though the doorway and prying the baby out of Ailana’s arms, holding her up proudly before resting her down on his shoulder with a kiss.

“I just can get over how much bigger than Sebastian she is” Persia cooed playing with Helewy’s chubby fingers over her father’s shoulder’s.

“Daniel is Sophie unwell?” Ailana asked.

“Not that I know” Daniel replied “though I dare say she’d more likely to tell one of you women than she is to tell me”

“She just seems quiet don’t you think… less…. Well just less Sophie?” Ailana noted.

Daniel nodded, “I’m sure she’s just tired” she reasoned, though truthfully he was worried as well. Sophie had been acting rather oddly since Helewy’s birth it was like someone had taken the wind from her sails she seemed somewhat lessened. “Anyway Persia I thought you’d be off with your husband celebrating”

“Celebrating? Celebrating what?”

Daniel laughed, “If he hasn’t told you yet, I daren’t for fear of being cut down for ruining the surprise”


2 responses to “In a lady’s nursery

  1. Don’t tell me Sophie is suffering from postpartum depression. Poor Sophie if that’s the case.

    … And unfortunately, since that’s the best-case scenario I can come up with, I have to cross my fingers and hope that’s the case. Otherwise Sophie’s seen something BAD lurking on the horizon. *gulp*

    Ooh, I wonder what happened with Abel???

  2. Sophie had been acting rather oddly since Helewy’s birth it was like someone had taken the wind from her sails she seemed somewhat lessened.

    For some reason, this sentence alone makes me think that there’s something more going on than post-partum depression. Maybe this war which I’m pushing for. I wonder, if she’s seen Daniel killed in the future.

    (Not that I have a problem with Daniel being killed but I wouldn’t want to see Sophie or young Helewys getting hurt/killed/turned-by-vampires/attacked-by-werewolves/get-their-arses-kicked–by-mages) Hmmm the future does look bleak for them)

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