Eadric decides cake is better.

Eadric stared in awe watching as his mama’s belly writhed, he couldn’t help it why mama’s and papa’s thought belly’s where good places for keeping baby’s he had no idea. As far as he was concerned belly’s where only good for cake.

Tentatively he crawled over the bed to where his mama was reading her book, she hasn’t seemed to notice that the baby was wriggling.

Placing his hand on the bump he watched with fascination, until eventually pop… the baby wriggled again. Pulling his hand back like it had burned him, he stared hard at the bump…. He did not like it… he did not like it one little bit.

The baby seemed to just make everyone sad and even though his papa and mama tried to be happy about it no-one wanted the baby to come.  Every time mama and papa talked about the baby coming they always seemed so sad. Whenever he asked if mama would still love him as much as the baby mama just cried. 

Then of course there was the matter of cake…… if the baby came what would happen with the cake?

Papa said that he would have to share his toy’s with the baby, he didn’t want to share his toys they were his.

But what about the cake… would he have to share that too or would Hannah just make more cake.??

Hannah better make more cake or he would cry and cry and cry until she did he decided folding his arms decisively.

“Oh dear Eadie what are you so grumpy about?” Hol asked putting her book down and paying him some attention.

“Cake! The baba steal’did my cake” he replied sternly.

“Oh Eadie I don’t think the baby stole it. I think a greedy little monster gobbled it all up” she declared, grabbing him and tickling him more and more until he was giggling so much he was certain he was going to wee himself.

“No!” he grumbled, when she finally let him be and he remembered that he was supposed to be grumpy.  “The baba eat it”

“Oh well I’m sure the baby is very sorry” she apologised, clearly not understanding. Suddenly it happened again mama suddenly looked very sad.

“What da matter hol hol?” he asked, watching as him mama stared at her bump having finally noticed it wriggling around.  “Like a worm” he decided, “Iggle iggle iggle”

“Yes it is rather wriggly” his mama agreed, as tears began to roll down her face.

See he decided, this baby was no good it just made his mama cry. “Nanna!” he called, trying to get Hannah’s attention “Nanna”

Sure enough Hannah appeared “What’s the matter Eadie?” Hannah asked so he pointed to show her.

“Oh Milady” Hannah sighed, settling down on the bed beside his mama. “What is the matter?”

“The baby’s moving again” she sobbed, “I’m supposed to feel it…. It’s wrong that I can’t, even Eadie notices it before I do”

Watching as Hannah wrapped her arm’s around his mama he sat very quietly. He didn’t want to make his mama anymore sadder than she already was… he didn’t understand why mama and papa put a baby in mama’s belly if all it did was make her cry.

Yes…. They should have definitely got Hannah to make a cake instead he decided, cake in your belly never made anyone cry.


3 responses to “Eadric decides cake is better.

  1. Eadric!! So cute! And … he almost made me cry. Seeing this tragedy unfolding through his eyes just makes everything that much worse. :(

    Some vampires or mages or what-have-you need to get their rears in gear and heal Holly, or else Eadric won’t remember THIS mama either!

    (Er, question about the tags. Wasn’t it Hannah, not Valdermar who was in the post?)

  2. And WHEN Vincent is done getting killed by rival vampires or whatever, tell him to get his arse down here and heal Holly.

    (Yes I want Vincent to heal Holly because Asha probably isn’t developed enough for a job this big, Tarik is still unwell I think and I trust Risa about as far as I can throw her)

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