Clara’s isn’t to old to meddle

Taye wandered into her brothers house as she usually did on her way to meet Forrest for lunch to check on her mother.  Knocking lightly on her mothers bedroom door she peered inside. “Mother are yer sleeping?” she asked.

“Oh bother!” was the reply.

Taking it as a no she pushed the door open to find Clara sitting on her floor by the fire place. “Oh mother what are you doing down there?” she exclaimed.

“The fire went out” the old woman explained, “I wanted to re-light it”

“You should have waited” Taye insisted, heading over. It didn’t take a genius to work out what had happened, knowing her mothers fool hardy ways well enough to know she’d gotten herself down to re-light the fire but her aging limbs had not let her get up again.

“I could have frozen to death by then” Clara chuckled.

“I always come” Taye sighed, helping her mother to stand “Same time everyday”

These days Clara had good days and bad, she was sick and every day people seemed almost surprised that the old woman still lived. Taye had once joked that Clara was only hanging on to see the last of her children married and settled but now Deonte had been married just over a year and had a new baby.  She now joked Clara was hanging on to see her grandchildren married.

“Into bed” Taye scolded guiding to the old woman back to bed.

“A woman will die of boredom, wallowing here”  Clara grumbled.

“It’s the doctor’s orders”

“Bother the doctor” the old woman cursed, “All of ye just want me to be dyin quietly that’s all”

“Nonsense and you know it” Taye insisted. “Anyway I bought you scones wouldn’t you like one with honey and a nice cup of tea?”

“I’d rather have a nice young man with honey on” her mother chuckled.

“Honestly!” Taye exclaimed “I’d have thought by your age you would have a little dignity”

“Bah dignity is for those young enough, to care what people think of them” Clara winked.

Taye chuckled, some people never changed and her mother was definitely one of them.

“Kaiden came to see me yesterday” Clara said, “Did you know Fransis just bought himself a fine Tavern?”

“No I didn’t”

“Fancy that… a Gawen with a fine tavern, who would have ever thought it?”

“You always did” Taye smiled. “Did he bring he babies?”

“Oh yes Braya looks just like her ma, Fransis got himself a good girl there.. hard worker and she clearly loves him very much”

That’s good Taye nodded, these days the Gawen family seemed to be spread all over the place and she was glad Kaiden had gone to the trouble of making the trip it was difficult to find the time but seeing her children always seemed to lift her mother’s sprites.

“Have you see Deonte lately?” her mother asked.

“There you go again about Deonte” Taye scolded lightly, “We all know who your favourite is”

“Bother you, I don’t have a favourite and don’t you know it” Clara smiled, grabbing hold of Tayes wrist and pulling her down to the bed so she could kiss her cheek, as the young woman tucked her in.

“You do nothing but talk about him” Taye teased, truthfully she knew her mother was right but she liked to tease her anyway.

“It’s only because I worry for him” Clara reasoned.

“I know you do ma but he’s fine, he got the new baby to occupy his time”

“That’s not why I worry” Clara insisted, “That baker girl isn’t making him happy…. He always looks so down when he comes to visit”

“Brit’s a good woman” Taye assured her.

“I don’t doubt it, I picked her out myself. It doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t love her”

“How do you know he doesn’t? Besides shouldn’t you be more worried about Helena? Times are real tough fer her”

“Helena has a good man” Clara reasoned “Times are hard but the light still shines in her eye’s when I see her. All the light has gone from Deonte… even the baby didn’t left his spirits”

“Ma he’s happy with the little un’s Clarke and Dawson love him like a Da…. he seem’s happy enough when he’s rollin about the floor like a ninny with them”

“It’s when he’s rollin about the bed with Brit I worry”

“Mother!” Taye scolded, “It ain’t none of your business”

“It’s my business while I’ve got breath in me” Clara replied. “I ain’t seen and light in that boy’s eye’s since…. What was her name?”


“That’s right the knights daughter!” Clara exclaimed. “Do you think he’s still soft on her?”

“I doubt he’s even seen her in month’s” Taye reasoned.

“Perhaps we should invite her for tea?”

“MA!” Taye exclaimed, “He’s a married man”

“Bother it… it ain’t a marriage”

“Now mother you listen to me” Taye growled, “Brit is a good woman and if Deonte is too dumb to see it then that’s his lookout, but don’t you be getting involved and breaking her heart it aint fair”

“Bah she don’t love him either” Clara grumbled, “Ain’t seen no light in her eyes neither and I bet if we looked into her past … we’ve find the man she still holds a torch fer”


One response to “Clara’s isn’t to old to meddle

  1. Persia and Deonte, take two? But if they were to be really together, something would have to happen to both Abel and Brit … and I wouldn’t want that to happen. Abel is to interesting a character and Brit IS a good woman, as Taye kept pointing out.

    And speaking of Taye … TAYE!! Yay! It’s so awesome hearing from her and Clara again!!

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