Alice makes a decison

Alice woke to find herself in her bed back at the cabin, trying to move pain shot though out her body. she only vaguely remembered what happened. She remembered shifting and attacking Ailith and she remembered getting in a few solid swing’s before the lights went out. 

Straining she noticed Farid close by asleep in the chair and as the realisation the dream had not been the entirety of the past few weeks she began to cry. 

“Alice” a voice whispered, she turned to it and saw the likewise familiar face of Duncan. 

“What happened?” she asked. 

“You have a fight with Ailith” Duncan replied “she beat the hell out of you” 

Alice nodded, she felt every bruise and gash. 

“You shouldn’t have done that” Duncan reasoned “What about the baby?” 

“I don’t care” she whimpered. 

Duncan nodded, “I still want you to be my girl” he whispered. “I’ll help you raise the baby if you want?” 

Alice let out a short sob. “No Duncan” she reasoned “I don’t want” 

“Please Alice, you can’t tell me you still want him?” Duncan reasoned, “He can’t make you happy” 

“I know” she sniffed, “I don’t want either of you” 

Suddenly the door opened and her father walked in. “Alice how you feeling?” he asked. 

“Sore” she replied truthfully. 

“Well that was a stupid thing to do, fightin Ailith I thought we’d established you weren’t the fightin kind” 

“I know Da” she nodded feeling apologetic, her whole body aching with the strain of that simple movement. 

“She busted you up pretty good” Lar’s reasoned,  “If she hadn’t stopped when she did she’d damn well killed ya” 

“How’s she?” Alice dared. 

“Oh she’d just dandy, you barely laid a claw on her” Lar’s growled impressed. She understood her father wasn’t angry that she’d lost just that she’d fought the other girl at all. “Parading around the place like she owns it” 

“Im sorry da” she sniffed. 

“You Alice if yer gonna lead the pack one day you’ll gotta start using that pretty head of your’s” 

“I know” she nodded sadly honestly in too much pain to care about a telling off. 

“Well Heather say’s you’ll be fine in a couple of days. So I want to move on the feast as soon as possible” 

Alice shot a nervous glance towards, Farid who by now was beginning to wake. 

“I don’t want too” she reasoned, trying to smile “I don’t want to marry him. I’m sorry Farid… I just can’t…” 

Farid nodded, or at least she thought he did, it was difficult to tell if he was even awake enough to hear her. 

“Lass do you think that’s a good idea?”

“Pa, I can’t just marry someone cause there’s a baby” she reasoned. 

“I’ll marry her” Duncan suddenly interrupted, “I’ll do it… I’ll help her raise the baby” 

“You’d do that?” 

Duncan nodded. 

“No Duncan” she insisted. “I’m grateful but I don’t want to marry you either”  

“I don’t mind” Duncan reasoned. “It will be good” 

“No” she replied again and it wasn’t that she wasn’t grateful for the offer but that she suddenly realised she wasn’t ready for marriage or boys or relationships. She wasn’t ready for a baby but there was nothing she could do about that. “I ain’t ready for marrying anyone” she reasoned. 

“What about the baby?” her father reasoned. 

“I’ll raise it” she reasoned, “Farid can visit… I know I made a big mistake” she reasoned, “but marryin someone I don’t love would just be addin another one to the list” 

Duncan went quiet, she could tell he was upset but as much his offer had been sweet he hadn’t thought about it and Duncan was no more ready for marriage than she was.   

Nervously she looked over towards Farid concerned how he would be taking the new’s, but found as always him sitting quietly not saying a word.  “Farid are you upset?” she asked nervously. 

He shrugged, “I think marryin ya would have been a real fine thing” he replied, “But if yer ain’t ready, I can wait”


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