Raeanne and Orion have some time.

The cold air send a cold chill down her spine as it touched the dampness of her skin. It was a good chill which was surprising for the time of year but as her body tingled she had not felt this alive in quite some time.

“I should go” she whispered turning to face him.

“Stay” Orion suggested, “Sleep beside me”

“It’s not a good idea” Raeanne she replied.


“It just isn’t” she insisted, as he pulled her into his arms again.

“You scared you might grow attached?” he chuckled, but saying it in such a manner they both knew it wasn’t a serious suggestion. It was almost as if he thought the idea quite absurd.

“You say that like it’s funny?” she answered not understanding.

“Don’t think on it pet” he grinned, leaning forward and kissing her gently.

“No tell me what you mean?” she insisted pushing him away.

“I just mean, Lady like yerself has better options”

“Better options?” she asked “Then why do you think I’m here?”

“Yer wouldn’t the first Lady… to fancy herself a bit of rough” he chuckled.

“Oh… “ she nodded, understanding “And that’s why im here is it, bored lady of the manor looking for a tumble with the crudest crassest solider she can find?” she couldn’t help but feel a little insulted. “I suppose you’ve helped relieve a lady’s boredom before?”

“No” he chuckled, pushing her down onto her back so he could move above her. “You’re the first, I have to say I expected something different, but it aint that different at all once yer get the clothes off and give their mouth something else to do but talk”


She was just about to protest when she found his lips pressed up against her’s again, she struggled momentarily but soon found herself caught up in the moment and with minutes she found him inside her again.  

In so many ways he was like Wolf, looks and attitude to life but likewise he had a quiet confidence that Wolf didn’t possess. He a man used to taking what he wanted and not waiting around for it to come to him.

She often wondered what the last few years would have been like if Wolf had been that way, or if perhaps she’d played less games and allowed him to have her.

“No wonder you wife ended up with so many girls” she gasped next time he released her mouth long enough to speak. “You have quite the appetite”


He paused and she realised she’d made an error his face suddenly drop and he began to pull away.

“Don’t stop” she insisted, gently pulling him back toward her “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to upset you”

“Yer didn’t” he replied, kissing her again. She didn’t belive him she had seen his face she upset him reminding him of his wife but he continued what he’d started and when they where done for the second time he laid down beside her, pulling her close.

It was an odd sort of feeling, being held. Wolf had held her of course but never like this naked and sweaty the intimacy of it was beyond what she was used too.  It wasn’t uncomfortable just strange a level of closeness she hadn’t expected in what was supposed to be a casual encounter.

“How olds Skye” he asked suddenly.

“Six…. Why?”

“Just wonderin” he replied, “Wolf died last year?”


“Oh…. “ he replied gently kissing the exposed skin on her shoulders.

“Why do you ask?”

He didn’t answer he just chuckled lightly and continued kissing her neck.

“Tell me” she insisted.

“Just wondering what sort of man, leaves a woman as beautiful as you so inexperienced in the bedroom”

She laughed nervously “I guess its got more to do with the sort of woman who knocked him back every time he tried to.… school her”

“Ohh like that was it” he replied. “Why didn’t you like him?”

“Nothing like that, I was just a fool” she sighed, finding herself desperately trying to stop from crying. “I didn’t realise what I had till it was gone”

Pulling her onto her back so he could see her face. He smiled, “So why did you reject him?” he asked seeming genuinely interested.  

“I don’t know” she chuckled sadly. “I guess… I thought I could do better.. I guess I grew up expecting a Nobleman and was disappointed when I got a woodsman”

“Did you love him”

“Yes very much” she admitted. “I made a lot of mistakes”

“We all make mistakes” Orion agreed.

“What mistakes did you make?” she ventured, shifting so her head settled upon his shoulder. Partially in an effort to hide her tear’s and partially because she found herself in sudden need of comfort.   

“Too many” he replied seeming content to hold her “I was not always a good husband”

“Did you beat her?” she asked.

“Once or twice” he agreed “but never in recent years”


“Not for a long time”

“That doesn’t sound so bad” Raeanne smiled, “Did you love her?”

“Yes, but I didn’t tell her often enough” he decided, “I didn’t pay attention to her needs”

“What do you mean?”

“I knew she was tiring, she tried to tell me. I didn’t listen kept on pushing cause I wanted a son”

She nodded, understanding. “It’s important for a man to have a son”

“Perhaps” he agreed, “She died in childbirth, an that was my doin”

“No it wasn’t, im sure she wanted to do it”

“Perhaps she did” he agreed, “But I shoulda paid more attention to her all the same”

Managing a smile she realised she wasn’t the only one with regrets. He didn’t show his tears so openly as she but looking at him she could share his pain.


2 responses to “Raeanne and Orion have some time.

  1. I like this. Two grown-ups searching through the pain and the regret to find each other. And I think it’s good that they’re connecting on this level and not just with the sex.

    I also find it … very ironic that Lynette’s daughter is carrying on with Sigan’s son. I wonder what they would say if they knew about it?

  2. I wonder what they would say if they found out they are possibly brother and sister :P Lynette was never 100% sure the girls where Orricks.

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