Heather Suggests the Unthinkable.

“I ner though they’d be words I’d hear outta your mouth” Lar’s scowled as the older wolf made the suggestion. 

“I agree” Heather nodded, “I never thought it would be a suggestion I’d be making either” 

“Are you really suggestin ter kill Alices babe” 

“Yes” Heather nodded, though the suggestion clearly troubled her greatly. 

“I thought .. you of all people ..would be fer helping her?” he growled, pacing back and forth across Heathers kitchen “She ain’t ever gonna let you” 

“That’s why I disappointed you told her. I didn’t realise when we spoke your next stop would be her” 

“It’s her babe she got a right to know” he reasoned. 

“Yes if you hadn’t told her we could have dealt with it without her knowing. Now you have this farce of a banquet planned” Heather retorted, “That boy isn’t good enough for her and we both know it” 

“Yer just don’t like him cause he’s a mage” Lar’s scowled. 

“I don’t like him because he can’t make your daughter happy and because no good can come from such a union” 

“Good already come from it” Lar’s reasoned, “Ain’t the way I planned fer her but Alice make a fine ma” 

“She isn’t ready” Heather hissed. “Besides this isn’t simply about Alice’s readiness to become a mother and you know it. You great bloody lump sticking your head in the sand and hoping the problem go’s away” 

“An you know fer sure there will be a problem?” 

“No” she sighed, “Not for sure” 

“Then things could be just dandy” Lar’s reasoned, “All this headache could be worry fer nothing. Just a few week’s ago you said Mages and Wolves couldn’t mate… I proved you wrong there” 

“I didn’t say it couldn’t happen” she scowled, “I said I’d never heard of it happening”

“Well it did” 

“Yes it did” she agreed, “At the time I was simply hoping that we hadn’t heard of such unions because the incompatibility was complete, that pregnancy could not occur.  At the time I was trying to calm you down, because you’d just learned your daughter had done something monumentally stupid” 

“Aye” Lars agreed, “but it did happen and she is carryin a babe. I’m just not buyin that killin it is whats best fer her” 

“Lar’s please see reason” Heather begged. “There has to be a reason why we have never heard of this happening?” 

“Cause no-ones tried?” Lar’s reasoned, with a shrug. “Mages and wolves ain’t known fer bein cozy”   

“Oh for pity’s sake” Heather sighed, “What happens when a Vampire tries to turn a wolf?” 

“Wolf dies” Lar’s replied, not understanding where the conversation was going. 


“No not always, sometimes they become something else” he replied with a shudder. He’d never met one but there where legends of wolves who’d been turned and had become something… something in between the two. But by all accounts it was well known that for the most part the wolf would not survive the transformation. 

“What happens when a Vampire tries to turn a mage” 

“Same thing they die” Lar’s replied, “God damn mages bin trying to turn themselves into vampires fer years”  

“Exactly … so what do you think would happen if a union between wolf and mage were possible?” 

Suddenly it clicked “Mages would have themselves a right little harem of wolf’s to produce hybrid’s” 

“Exactly” Heather reasoned, “I clearly can’t happen otherwise we’d be even more at risk than we are. I don’t know if it’s the changes of pregnancy are occurring are too small for the Mages to bother or more likely that the pregnancy can’t or won’t come to term. Failing that we have no idea what the hell we’ll have on our hands if it does” 

“Maybe it will just get one gift or the other” Lar’s reasoned, “Or maybe it won’t get one at all,  maybe they will cancel each other out an she’ll have a normal human baby” 

“Great so your suggesting that we let Alice marry into a relationship that will produce no wolf offspring at all. We might as well pair her up with Janis” 

Lar’s nodded he sort of understood where Heather was coming from, it was Heathers duty to deal with the matter’s of procreation within the sept and part of that was to ensure the continuation of the wolf lines. 

“I know it’s hard Lars” Heather reasoned, “But as much as we don’t tend to get ‘cozy’ with mages if anything good ever came of it, we’d know… we’d hear someone somewhere would have done it” 

“Aye we ain’t heard of nothing bad neither” Lar’s reasoned, “By same reckoning if something bad happened surely we’d hear of that too” 

“Perhaps… but do you want to leave Alice holding a metis or something worse” 

“Janis is a good bloke” Lar’s reasoned. 

“That maybe” Heather agreed, “but his parents couldn’t handle raising him, that job got left to me and his life isn’t easy even now…. Alice couldn’t do it and we have no idea what ‘it’ would be” 

“I still ain’t up fer killin it” Lar’s reasoned, “It go’s against everthin I believe” 

“It’s hard for me too” Heather replied. 

Lar’s nodded, he could see it was a difficult suggestion for the older wolf. In all his years… in all the stupid and idiotic matching’s she’d witness all the young girls and wolves she’d seen pregnant in situation’s less than ideal he knew never before she’d suggested killing a unborn. 

“Don’t make me pull rank on this Lar’s” she threatened. 

He paused, as leader of the sept there wasn’t much she could pull rank on him with. This however was one of the few occasions she had that right. 

“Let me sleep on it” he decided.

3 responses to “Heather Suggests the Unthinkable.

  1. Ooh. Oh, that’s just … tragic for all concerned. I’m all for free choice, but it doesn’t sound like anyone is up for giving Alice much of a choice here. :-S

    There are so many “what ifs” here that I don’t envy anyone who has to make this decision. I just hope they let Alice decide for herself, but I’m not sure that will happen. Of course, if Alice and Ailith’s fight gets really bad, this could all be rendered moot by a natural (ish) miscarriage.

    … And even if Alice and Farid’s baby doesn’t get born, there’s still Asha and Faulke for testing all these what-if scenarios, isn’t there?

  2. Faulke doens’t have any wolf blood, he’s not kinfolk like Liv, Eire and Skye.

    Granted occasionally there is a kinfolk throw back (thinking maria here) but it’s unlikely.

    However this is also working under the assumtion he ever actually tell’s her how he feels and that she return’s his feelings.

  3. … However, the existence of Maria (with all that mage blood in her) kind of proves that there can be good things that come from kinfolk + wolf pairings, right? At least I’d say Chris would say so at this point. ;-) And while Maria might be a little weird, she’s weird in a normal-human way. If that makes sense.

    And true about the assumptions I’m/we’re making. Getting ahead of myself, I take it! :)

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