Alice and Ailith Stand Off

Alice cringed when Ailith came sauntering into the clearing where she’d been quietly sitting with Farid.  

New’s was beginning to travel and while most of the Garou now knew of Alice and Farids intention to wed. She was barely pregnant and if this was done quickly there would no need for anyone to even know that Farid had fathered the child before it was proper. 

Still it didn’t stop the young girl feeling embarrassed and ashamed every time anyone saw them together.  

She knew it was wrong to be ashamed of him but every time they had a conversation with others he’d say something blatantly stupid or do something odd and could see the confusion on people’s faces when they wondered what exactly she saw in him. 

“Look who it is” Ailith grinned, the look on her face anything but warm. 

Since Duncan Ailith had stuck mostly to her own pack, showing Duncan no interest whatsoever, Alice however was a different story. The young fury clearly still blames Alice her and was still after a fight to re-claim some of the honour she perceived she lost. 

“Yeah look who it is” Alice glowered back unwilling to show how much she actually feared the older girl. 

“Stilling here with your ‘boyfriend’ it’s very cute” Ailith cooed with sarcasm “I must say im jealous I hope I get a boyfriend at least half as good. Alice you don’t half know how to pick them… tell me does he….”

“Shut up Ailith” Alice growled, stopping the Fury before whatever insult she planned left her mouth. 

“Oooooh Sensitive” Ailith retorted, “You must really loooove him” 

“Go away!” Alice snapped, seeing how Farid was fidgeting nervously. 

“So tell me, why has your Da delayed my fight?” Ailith demanded, “You still owe me” 

“I don’t owe you anything” Alice retorted. “It isn’t my fault you aren’t as appealing as you think you are” 

Alice knew exactly why her father had delayed the fight it was supposed to happen after Duncan returned but with .. one thing and another it had got lost in the mess…. And now .. .well now he was worried about what I fight could possibly do to the baby.  

“Your Pa’s scared that’s all” Ailith hissed, “Doesn’t want to have to piece ya back together after im done with you” 

“Shut up!” 

“You’re scared too… you know we should have this fight before your feast. Farid here might not want yer after im finished prettying you up” 

“I’m not scared of you” Alice growled, suddenly standing to face the older girl. 

Alice don’t’ Farid urged. 

“Damit Farid” she scowled, talk to me properly or don’t bother. Over the last few week’s it seemed Farid had learned enough to talk into her head even if her couldn’t yet read her mind and she found it increasingly irritating.    

“Sorry” Farid replied hurriedly.

 “Oooh Alice im impressed, you’ve got him well trained already. Then again I suppose that why you had to settle for that moron, no way you’d get Duncan jumping to your pathetic orders” 

“Shut up” Alice sneered again. 

“Why don’t you make me?” Ailith dared. 

“I’d love to” Alice retorted and before she knew it she’d shifted into battle form begun to head towards the older girl who quickly took the hint and with a smile shifted to meet her. 

“Alice NO!” Farid called again, both mentally and vocally. 

Alice ignored him, she even ignored it when a pain suddenly shot though her skull and Farid tried to make her pay attention. 

‘Alice the baby’ Farid reminded her one last time but she continued forward her claw’s coming out she launched herself at the older wolf.


6 responses to “Alice and Ailith Stand Off

  1. I’ve been having fun with your timeline all evening! Everything looks fine and I think it’ll be very useful! At least now, there will be no more confusion.

    I’m gonna be picky here but I think you tagged the wrong Ailith? If I remember rightly, Alith Osmund died in childbirth some time ago.

    As for the post, all I can say is GO ALICE. That is all.

  2. Doh yeah wrong one lol.

    On the time line im not sure if you noticed but if you zoom in (slider of the right) it add’s more detail or add’s in events that are perhaps less important.

    For example most important births/deaths etc at visable at 40, but if you zoom into 20 then less important ones such as none storyline charecters become visable.

    same with events. Orrick marrying nicole is visable at 40 for example but at 20 and 30 you can zoom in and see when he realised he loved her etc. (BTW it’s not till i set this up that i realised just how LONG!! orrick took to get the guts up to ask her out lol.. bloody coward)

    I think the zoom will be more important now than it was for the early posts as i’ve slowed the story down and tend to add more detail now.

    It’s not finnished yet and need to start tagging the posts so they match lol. But i’ll keep updating it, it’s turning into abit of a labour of love lol.

  3. HOLY SHIT. Orrick took THAT long? That isn’t cowardly, that’s ridiculous! ROFL!

    (Still having fun with timeline as you can see lol)

  4. lol i didn’t realise how long it was when i wrote it haha i thought it was about 6 months. It was before i started playing with aging off haha.

  5. Ooh, timeline! Shiny! *goes to play*

    And, um … *gulp* I think Alice is going to get her behind handed to her. And I don’t even want to know what this will do to the baby. Although if Alice and Ailith are at such close quarters, might Ailith be able to smell the fact that Alice is pregnant? And maybe stop?

    Is Alice about to get even more humiliated than she already feels? *bites nails*

  6. The good sence of smell is an ability that sadly Ailth won’t have. It’s not a natural gift of her pack. Nor is it one i think she would chose to spend time learning given the oppertunity. Only Lar’s and Heather have it in the “sept” atm both of whome learned it from Fanglor.

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