Marcus is Punished

Vincent could not help but allow anger to well up inside him when he came into his wife’s chambers to find Marcus sitting with her, Yarn wrapped around his hands they looking quite cosy together as he ‘helped’ with her knitting.  

In recent weeks he was struggling to tell the difference between rational anger at the situation as his young ward did everything in his power to undermine his own relationship with his wife. If Marcus was not causing fights in Vincent’s name at breakfast he was enduring himself in his own at lunch. 

Vincent was trying to keep a lid of the unstable emotion’s as they raged inside him, he knew rationally the situation was being made worse by the demon he quite literally rattling around in his head. But he hadn’t quite managed to gather the components together to remove it as yet so for the time being he suppressed it and it’s evil thoughts as best he could. 

Mentally summoning Allard, he suppressed the instinct to haul Marcus off and out of the room kicking and screaming. “Marcus a word” he growled. 

His young retainer shot him a nervous glance. Marcus knew he was in trouble he could see the fear in his eye as he nodded, untangled his hands from Anya’s wool and headed towards the door. 

“Baron” Anya called. 

“Yes” Vincent smiled, he couldn’t help but smile when she spoke to him.  

“Will you be eating dinner with me tonight?” she asked. 

“Do you want me too?” 

“Of course” she grinned. 

Vincent nodded, “Then I will see you then” he replied before heading out of her room and closing the door firmly behind him. Spinning he grabbed Marcus by the collar launching him against a wall, before half dragging down the corridor towards the stairs and though the house towards the basement. 

When he finally reached the basement stairs he released the young man sending him tumbling down the hard stone steps to where his father was waiting. 

Allard peered down at the young man, offering him a hand and helping him up. “What’s going on?” 

“He slept with her again” Vincent hissed. 

“Made love!” Marcus corrected, brushing himself off indignantly. 

“Marcus this is the third time this week” his father scowled “You where given strict orders not to touch her” 

“She wanted it” the young man retorted angrily.   

“There are rules” Allard insisted, “You can’t make them up as you go along…. We all have to do as we are told” 

The young man didn’t reply he knew he was in trouble. Allard wasn’t wrong, Vampire society was full of rules breaking any one of them could and often did cost a vampire his existence, Marcus wasn’t

even turned yet and he was already pushing boundaries. It didn’t bode well.   

“You where given strict instructions” Vincent reasoned, trying to keep a lid on the boiling rage inside him “I thought you agreed to give me time to tell her” 

“I can’t” Marcus replied “I love her” 

“Love is that what you call it” Vincent scoffed, reaching the bottom of the stairs and grabbing Marcus’s tunic again before dragging him off once again. This time he stopped outside door sealed with an iron door. Opening it he threw Marcus inside before slamming the door shut. 

Scrambling to his feet Marcus suddenly realised where he was. “Vincent what are you doing?” he begged. 

“Giving you time to think about who is in charge” he hissed, noting the concerned look on Allard’s face. 

“Vincent… no!” Marcus panicked, racing to the small barred opening. “You can’t leave me here” 

“I two weeks should do you” Vincent reasoned, nodding to Allard he turned and began to leave. 

Behind him he could hear Allard trying to calm his son down though the bars of the cell.   The punishment was harsh the next couple week would be hell for the young man. Withdrawal from Vampire blood was brutal, making withdrawal from any other substance known to man, look like a walk in the park. 

Within a day or two the cravings would start, by day five the shakes and hot sweats would start. Day seven the need for blood would consume him suffocating all thoughts of Anya and love. Finally by day 14 Marcus would kill her in a heartbeat if he thought it would get him even a single drop of the stuff. 

It was a cruel punishment, by the end of it Marcus may well wish his master had simply killed him. Being a ghoul had it’s attractions,  some in their naivety thought it was as good as vampirism but without the drawbacks.  Marcus however was about to find out just how bad it’s drawback’s could be. 

He didn’t like that it had come to this but life in Vampire society was harsh and if Marcus didn’t learn his place now he’d not make it. One night in Vampire court and even Vampire as powerful as Vincent would find himself someone else’s lunch, if he didn’t mind the rules and obey those above his station. 

Suddenly on that train of thought he wondered how well Anya would indeed adapt to this life? Even if he told her and she accepted it.  Could she learn to face the darkness in his life… meet the evil head on and survive and would he still love her when her naivety and freshness was lost and replaced with a depravity that even he could not deny.


One response to “Marcus is Punished

  1. And the plot thickens on the Vincent-Anya-Marcus front! Vincent needs to get that demon out of his head so he can think properly. Among other things.

    I think his thoughts at the end — will he still love Anya even after (if) he turns her — were quite revealing. How much of Anya does he, or for that matter Marcus, love because she’s young and sweet and not a vampire? And how much of Anya does he love for herself, the things that would survive a vampiric transformation?

    Definitely something to think about once that demon is OUT of his head.

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