Farid Promises

Alice and Farid sat on a large flat rock out by the pond, her father had suggested she spend some time getting to know the young man before she made a decision on what to do. 

Farid had taken the lack of answer well, in his usual odd way he’d told her he often had a hard time making decision’s too. 

“Is this what you want?” she asked. 

“This?” he queried. 

“Marriage and a baby?” she clarified, “You don’t seem upset or shocked… you don’t seem scared… I’m terrified”   

“It’s a big change” he nodded, “I guess it’s right to be scared” 

“Are you?” 

“A little” he nodded, “I suppose, it was unexpected but……”  he suddenly paused as though he wasn’t sure he wanted to say the next bit, then as suddenly as he stopped he turned and grinned “But I guess I didn’t expect to find a girl as pretty as you” 

Alices heart sank, he’d secretly hoped he’d regretted the whole thing as much as she had. Farid was not the sort of boy she’d imagined herself with. Farid even made Quillen look like a prize catch. As she thought things couldn’t get worse she watched him  lean forward trying to reach for a rock on the floor only to watch him totter from the bench and landing on the floor. She sighed Heavily… no she could not under any circumstances marry him she decided. 

Suddenly she found herself screaming as Duncan came thundering out of the bushes punching Farid solidly on the jaw as the young man was picking himself up. The force of the blow unsurprisingly send Farid straight back down. 

“Is this what you want?” Duncan hissed grabbing her roughly by the arm forcing her to stand and turn to face where Farid was once again picking himself up off the floor. “Your choosing this?” 

“Duncan your hurting me” she sobbed. 

“Well is it?” he demanded shaking her he ignored her plea’s for him to stop. 

“Please Duncan let go” she whimpered. 

“Get off her” Farid growled having finally recovered himself enough to put his hand on Duncan’s shoulder. 

“Or what?” Duncan hissed, his face contorted with rage. “Everything was fine till you showed up” 

Farid stumbled slightly having not quite recovered from the punch which had badly bloodied his nose. “Get off her” he warned again. 

Duncan laughed, reaching out and pushing Farid who tottered backwards almost losing his balance yet again “What you going to do?” 

Suddenly Duncan stopped laughing releasing Alice in the process he put his hand to his head and crumbled to the floor. It didn’t take much for Alice to realise who had caused it and torn between them her eye’s frantically darted between the boys. Farid seemed quite oblivious to the blood which ran freely from his nose the concentration in his eye’s intense as he stared as Duncan writhed groaning on the floor. 

“Farid enough” she begged when Duncan’s nose began to bleed.  

Nodded he turned to look at her, while Duncan began to recover. “He shouldn’t have hurt you” Farid explained, “I know what he did to you. I’ll never make you cry like that and always take good care of you” he promised.


4 responses to “Farid Promises

  1. Leiela I have a quick question. I went into Google Reader and your first posts on Grimstead through to “stand up and be a man” came up as unread. Do you have any idea why it is? (since this is your blog and all :p)

    Don’t worry if you don’t . Google Reader has been acting wierd of late anyway

  2. Hmm i’ve been playing with some of the posts, adding tags etc i might have triggered something

  3. Oh Ok. Just wanted to know:p Thanks

  4. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you shouldn’t punch a telepath. Or be rough with the girl carrying his baby.

    Farid was so sweet here. His “I know what he did to you. I’ll never make you cry like that and always take good care of you” made me go, “Awwwww.” He’s a cutie, and while I’m not sure he and Alice would do well together, I hope he finds someone who he will do well with.

    Duncan, however, needs to take a chill pill. So does Alice!

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