Farid Proposes!?

Alice sat it stunned silence, her father leaning against the wall opposite while Kaitlyn clung onto her hand like her life had depended on it.

Her relationship with Kaitlyn had changed over the past few weeks the older woman suddenly taking on a more motherly role. It seemed once she’d realised her own son had not been involved in the predicament that Alice now found herself in, she’d been able to relax and provide her with a shoulder to cry and a listening ear.

“Are you sure?” Alice whispered.

“Aye im sorry lass” her father nodded, there can be no mistakin and Heather agrees”

“Does anyone else know?”

“No not yet, not many have our keen senses”

Alice took a deep breath. “How long have you been sure?”

“A few days” her father admitted, “but with Farid showin up I thought it best to let you know”

“I don’t feel different” Alice whispered.

“I will take a few more weeks before you do. Do you want me to send word to yer ma and Vincent?”

“No” she mumbled, she knew they would both be so disappointed with her. Her mother would blame her father of course and while Vincent wouldn’t blame anyone she could already see the look in his eye when he found out the girl he raised was not only going to have a baby out of wedlock but a baby to a boy she barely knew. “Not yet”

“Alrite, but you know yer ma will only get angry if we don’t tell her”

“I’ll have to tell her at some point” Alice reasoned, “But I want to get used to the idea first”

“Ok pet”

“What does Farid want?”

“im not sure” her father admitted, “I’ll be damned if I understand two words that boy says. He muttered something about sleeping and not realising that by sleeping I meant sex and that he was sorry for lying, but he didn’t really lie he just misunderstood the question. Ter be honest …. I didn’t realise he talked so much. Can be darn near impossible to shut him up when he starts. Somewhere in the ramble he mentioned not wanting to take advantage of yer and offering ter marry you… I think… at least I think that’s what I was trying to say”   

“After what I did to him?”

“He seems a decent lad” her father offered, “If not a bit odd”

Alice nodded, he was a ‘decent’ lad. There had been a lot of question’s over the past few week’s especially from her father on just how much she’d pushed Farid into it.

Everything was a confusing mess of emotion’s she remembered kissing him and him trying to run away. She’d grabbing his wrist and dragging him back asking if he liked her. He’d seemed confused, terrified even but had nodded none the less.

She’d kissing him again and then pushed him to sit down, he’d stumbled and fallen much more heavily than she’d planned. She’d apologised, with him still looking terrified, she’d kissed him again.

To that point she clearly understood he hadn’t wanted to participate, but after that while he’d needed cajoling but hadn’t refused.

The first time she when for the button’s on his pants he’d pushed her hand away but the second time he let her without complaint and by the time they reached the act it’s self he had seemed quite enthusiastic. In fact the first time his hand had slipped into her pants it had been completely his own decision.

“Do I have to marry him?” she asked unsure.

“No lass” her father replied, “you don’t have to do anything”

Looking to Kaitlyn for guidance “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want too” the older woman agreed, “But you might want to think about what it will be like to raise a baby alone. Farid… might be abit different, but I haven’t seen anything which leads me to think he’s not capable of taking care of you. He’s just seems to have a nervous disposition that’s all”   

She nodded, “I suppose I should go any talk to him then” she sighed, “Does he know?”

“No lass it’s not my business to tell him” her father replied, “Come on Kait, lets leave her and Farid to have a talk” Kaitlyn nodded and followed her father out of the room and a few minutes later Farid came down the stairs looking somwhat nervous.

“Hey” she smiled nervously.

Farid stood sharply, a bunch of flowers in his hand “For you” he offered, pushing them into her hand as she approached.

Taking them she looked at them, curiously. “Thank you” she nodded, putting them down on a table close by.

“Im sorry I didn’t come to see you sooner” he began “It’s been very busy at the tavern. My father has a baby due and his wife can’t work as much as she used to so I’ve been busy trying to help and honestly I wasn’t sure if you would want to see me, we didn’t arrange anything and I wasn’t sure if what happened was because you liked me or because it …. Oh but Asha said you must like me because she said you where the type of girl to do that sort of thing without liking me so she said I should come but I’ve been very busy at the tavern because my father has a baby due…… “

“You can breathe” she interrupted, before he could continue.

“Sorry… I’ve been making pies” he smiled “So that’s why I haven’t been around”

“It’s alright” Alice nodded,

 “im nervous” he admitted, “I’ve talked to your Da, he seems to be taking it well”

“He’s a good man” she agreed, “he’s disappointed but he understands”

“Well I just wanted you to know that im sorry I took advantage of you and that I’d like to marry you if you’d have me”

“I….” she froze not quite sure how to respond.

“Sorry” he apologised again, “That wasn’t very romantic” turning he picked up the flowers and handed them back to her for a second time. “Asha told me I was supposed to give you the flowers when I asked”

“Thanks” she replied numbly.

“She told me lots of other things to say as well” he continued nervously “but I can’t remember them now”

“it’s alright”

“Oh… she did say that I should tell you that I can look after you, I have a tavern and it’s doing well, when my father dies I’ll inherit it but hopefully he won’t die for a long time… well I guess she didn’t tell me to say the last bit, but I do hope my father doesn’t die. Well of course he will die one day but hopefully not for a long time”

“Yeah I think I understand” Alice nodded.

“I spoke to your father… he explained how your marriage custom’s work, I guess we kinda skipped a bit but if you’d like we could have a feast and I could ask… and maybe after you’ll accept again?”

“Im pregnant” she blurted out suddenly, not quite knowing why or how perhaps half of her was hoping the knowledge would scare him away or at the very least shut him up.

“Oh” he replied, looking shocked, “Well then I guess we really did skip a bit”


5 responses to “Farid Proposes!?

  1. Aww, he’s kind of cute. So nervous and babbling and he keeps handing her the flowers …

    However, I’m not 100% sure that marriage is the best option for these two. Baby or no baby. They barely know each other, and I’m not sure Farid has worked out exactly what it would mean yet. Plus Alice is still trying to get control of her gift, and in short has a lot of growing up to do.

    Then again … with the baby and all, I guess the “growing up” point is moot, isn’t it?

  2. I think you under estimate Farid, i think he understands more about marriage/family and responsibilty that Duncan does for example.

    Gotta remember the Talons have quite a strong family example to set and Farid’s been working in that tavern every day of his life near enough.

    He might not always express himself correctly but i think he’s actually pretty clued in when it comes to family values.

    Now the question of wether or not Farid and Alice are suited is another matter compleatly.

  3. Farid may be ready for this but Alice certainly isn’t. She’s still got a bit of growing up to do. I don’t think she’s ready to become a mother at all. Besides aren’t there herbs that can kill babies? (Yes I’m suggesting killing the baby. Shoot me.)

    And I wanted Alice for Duncan. Although come to think of it, Asha would certainly kick ass as queen WHEN Duncan becomes king of Grimstead. On second thoughts, let Farid and Alice be together and Duncan and Asha be together.

    In other news: Looks like WordPress has a new comment thing. Hmmm…

  4. I think Asha would chew up duncan and spit him out worse than Ailith would :P

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