Duncan Feel’s Hard Done By

The two teenagers sat head down looking guilty at the table where Lar’s had called them. It had just been all Lar’s could do all day to keep his wife calm and Kaitlyn paced angrily next to him.

“We’ll what have yer got ter say fer yerselves?” Lars asked.

“He started it!” Alice protested, shooting Duncan an angry glance.

“It makes no difference” Kaitlyn intervened, “It took two of you!” she hissed “Surely you knew the consequences?”

“Yeah” Duncan huffed, “I didn’t realised everyone would be so upset about it”

“Upset!” Kaitlyn screeched, “You have no idea how upset both me and Lar’s are. You’ve potentially ruined your entire future!”

“It wasn’t that bad!” Duncan protested, “Beside it’s got nothing to do with you or Lar’s!”

“Nothing!” Kaitlyn growled. “Nothing at all?! You’ve ruined your whole future…. But it’s alright… it isn’t ‘that bad’. You kids have no idea what you have done, this is exactly the reason why I refused to let you ‘mate’ with Ailith. It’s me and Lar’s who’ll be left with the mess because two dumb kids can’t think two minutes into the future! So don’t you dare tell me it has nothing to do with me!”

“No-one needs to know” Duncan reasoned.

“So what exactly do you intend to do?” Kaitlyn demanded, “Hide Alice away?”

“Why would I have to hide her?” Duncan asked “Alice won’t tell anyone, will you Alice?”

Alice shook her head, “No I won’t tell anyone” the young girl agreed.

“And what if the worst has happened? The way Lar’s explain’s it there is a good chance it has?”

“Mother I do think you’re overreacting” Duncan protested.

“Overreacting!” Kaitlyn fumed, “Lar’s you talk to him, before I ring his neck”

Lar’s nodded, moving across the room and settling down at the table opposite the two teen’s. “I think what yer mother is trying to see is that what you two have done could have a real big impact on yer lives. As much as I want ter see ya together… this wasn’t the way I intended it..”

“I wouldn’t be with HIM if he was the last boy alive” Alice hissed accusingly.

“Now now kids … clearly something went on between yer after… after the fact” Lar’s reasoned, “but that don’t change the fact that yer did something pretty life changing and we have to consider the consequences?”

“Consequences!” Duncan retorted “What consequences? You mean us both living here? Look honestly I can ignore her if she ignores me… problem solved”

“They aren’t the consequences were talkin about” he reasoned, “Were talking about babies”

“Babies?” Duncan scoffed, “What do they have to do with anything?” And that was when he realised Duncan had no idea whatsoever what they were talking about.

Alice on the other hand suddenly looked even more mortified than she had already.  Having suddenly realised, they wheren’t being told off for what she thought. They were infact being told off the ‘other thing’ she’d hoped no-one had noticed.

Before he could warn her Kaitlyn jumped back in “Yes Duncan babies!” she hissed, “Those things that can happen with two idiotic teen’s do things they have no place doing at their age”

Suddenly Duncan seemed to click, “Hang on… you think me and Alice?” he asked pointing towards the young girl..with a stunned expression “You think we had sex?”

“Are you going to try and deny it?” Kaitlyn growled.

“I thought we were getting told off for arguing again” Duncan reasoned.  

“I don’t care about arguing, I care about you pair acting like irresponsible idiots with no thought for the consequences. Especially as the Lar’s explains it there is a damn good chance she’ll get pregnant at this time of the month”

“Kait!” Lars called.

Ignoring him Kaitlyn continued to rant “Don’t you dare tell me this has nothing to do with me? Who do you think is going to get left holding the baby? ME! You pair are no more fit to be parents than Liv or Eire”

“Kait!” Lars insisted again.

This time she managed to take a breather long enough for Duncan to get a word in. “You think I had sex with Alice?” he asked.

“Didn’t you?”  she snapped.

“You never give me any credit” he complained. “We had a fight that’s all”

“Then who did?” Kaitlyn asked, turning to Alice in stunned shock.

“What do you mean, who did?” Duncan mumbled, turning to look at the young girl.

Alice didn’t reply putting her head in her hand she began to sob her guilt evident to all.

“Damit” Duncan growled, suddenly angry. Picking up his mug from the table and launching it, so it shattered against the wall. “Slut” he hissed storming from the room.

2 responses to “Duncan Feel’s Hard Done By

  1. Ah so the mystery thickens! If it weren’t Duncan and it weren’t Farid then who was it?
    I’m gonna say Quillen but I’m running out of ideas fast!

  2. Oh, poor Alice! Talk about humiliation! Not only did she get caught, but she found out about it in the most embarrassing way possible … in front of Duncan, too.

    I just want to give that poor girl a hug. I think she needs it right about now. Especially if she is pregnant.

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