The Scent

Kaitlyn  watched as for the third time Lar’s stood from the bed, marched towards the door before muttering and returning. “She’s a grown up” he declared, landing heavily beside her “What she does is none of me business” 

“But you said she didn’t look happy” Kaitlyn reasoned, “Perhaps she’ll want to talk about it?”


Lar’s sighed, “I assumed her Ma would have explained these things to her” he reasoned seeming guilty. 

“Im sure she did” Kaitlyn agreed. 

“What what if she didn’t?” Lars decided. 

“I spoke to Alice the other day, when she was upset she seemed quite aware” 

“I know but it’s different fer us… her ma won’t have bin able to explain that, I just assumed Heather would do it…. I mean I knew she was on heat an all, I might be her da but I can tell” 

“And your sure? And your sure she’s actually….? When I spoke to her she seemed quite certain she wanted to wait till she was married” 

“Some things smell Kait and that smells” 

“Does it?” Kaitlyn queried, “So you can just tell if someone’s had sex?” 

“I can if they haven’t washed” he replied uncomfortably “I just never thought she’d do it… I mean I knew if her and Duncan got together, I’d have ter get Heather ter talk to her.  With them fighting I didn’t think it was needed yet….” 

“They clearly made up” Kaitlyn scowled, frustrated and disappointed that with everything that had gone on, he son could be so foolish. She had certainly had THE talk with him..… several times in fact. 

“We don’t know it was him” Lar’s reasoned, “He was home long before she was” 

“Who’s to say they didn’t…  he could have left her earlier? She’d clearly been crying perhaps she regretted it and was too scared to come home?” 

“Perhaps” Lar’s agreed.

2 responses to “The Scent

  1. So … we get puppies in the near future? Is that what you’re saying?

    Still, these kids have risen to a new level of dumb-kid-ness. Then again … they are kids. It’s kinda what they do.

    Here’s hoping that Lars doesn’t go all werewolf on the behind of whoever Alice was with!

  2. Forget the pups, I just wanna know who she did it with? Duncan? Farid?

    I think Alice is a bit young maturely to have sex yet but I could be proved wrong.

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