Ailana involves herself.

Answering a knock at the door Abel found his youngest sister on the other side. “Abel is Persia home?” she asked.

“She’s with Sophie isn’t she?” he asked.

Ailana shook her head, “She didn’t turn up” she replied.

He sighed, she’d been acting oddly ever since the baby arrived. Of course he’d expected some change in the behaviour but this… this was getting a little much even for him. Acting as though the world was out to get her, in some great conspiracy, to keep her away from her child.

Heading to the door to her chamber he didn’t bother to knock be instead flung the door open displaying just how fed up he was. She enough Persia lay in her bed still in her nightgown. “Woman, you’re supposed to be at work” he growled.

Rolling away from him she pulled the pillow up over her head, “Im not going” she sobbed.

Shooting his sister an unimpressed stare he stormed over to the bed, pulling the pillow out of her hands and taking away her blankets. “I shouldn’t need to treat you like a child” he reasoned, “Your late for work”

“Im not going” she sobbed again.

“And why the devil not?” he demanded grabbing her roughly by the arm and dragging her off the bed so far she fell to the floor landing heavily.

“Abel” Aliana exclaimed in protest, having edged herself into the doorway, just enough that she could see what was going on.

“Because im not” Persia sobbed, picking herself enough that she now sat with her knee’s under her chin.

Pathetic he growled to himself, the woman didn’t even have the dignity to act like a grown woman. “And why is that?” he demanded.

“Because I’m a noblewoman” she retorted, looking up angrily, “Noblewoman don’t work”

“For pity’s sake woman, what’s got into you, you’ve never minded before” he growled.

“If Im too much of a noblewoman to tend my own baby” she reasoned “surely im too much to work”

“Are you still going on about this” the exclaimed exasperated. “I’ve told you… I’ve paid for a nanny and wet nurse, I will not have people thinking I can’t provide for my own son”

“It’s alright for you” she sobbed, “Any time you like you can see him, they don’t block your path tell you he’s sleeping… he’s always sleeping.”

“Damit Persia they have a sight more experience in what’s better for a baby than you do. If he says he needs to rest then he needs to rest”

“I’m his mother” she retorted angrily “they barely let me see him”

“Damit woman I don’t have time for this, I’m going to be late for my duty’s get yourself dressed and up to Sophie before she fires you”

“I bet they don’t stop Sophie seeing Helewys” she sobbed seeming utterly defeated. “I’d understand why im allowed to work but not allowed to tend my own baby”

“Look!” he exclaimed, highly frustrated, “Daniel has promised me Graymont, as soon as we move you will no-longer be required to work. Does that make you happy?” She didn’t answer she just let out an almighty sob. “Damit woman I’m offering you what you want? Why are you crying now?”

“Abel” Ailana reasoned, coming up behind her brother and gently taking his arm “This isn’t about working” she suggested softly.

“The baby?” he guessed. “Oh for heaven’s sake, I don’t understand what the fuss is about.. Sabastian is well cared for”

“But not cared for by me” Persia sobbed.

“He isn’t cared for by me either” he reasoned.

“At least they let you into the nursery whenever you want” she sobbed. “At least your breasts don’t feel like they are on fire and leak at the mention of his name”

“Do we really need to talk about your breasts in public” he growled.

“Oh Abel im hardly public” Ailana scolded softly, bending down and putting her arms around Persia.

“Well what do you want me to do!” he exclaimed, frustrated.

“Perhaps you could ask for Sabastian to be allowed to spend a few hours here in the evening once Persia finish’s work?” Ailana suggested. 

“Without the wet nurse?” he asked horrified. “What would people think?”

“The only people who would need to know is us” Ailana reasoned. “Besides her milk might not come in now. Please Abel … sometimes it’s alright to make a compromise. Sabastian will have all the right care and Persia will get to spend a few hours an evening with her son. Besides don’t you think you might like to have him here rather than having to take yourself up to the nursery and having the nurse stare at you while you spend time with him?”

“Father would never have let mother do this” he reasoned, already knowing his sister was going to get her way.

“Oh Abel which part of anything father did could be considered model parenting” she replied softly yet firmly in the way only his sister could.

“Don’t speak ill of the dead”

“Oh behave” Ailana scolded, “You of all people should know better. Do you still flinch every time a man takes off his belt in your presence?”

“Ailana” he growled.

“Abel stop protesting… go and arrange it. I’ll help Persia get ready for work”

Sighing he knew he’d lost so picking up is scabbard and key chain he headed out the door and towards the nursery.


5 responses to “Ailana involves herself.

  1. Ten points to Ailana for awesomeness!

    She’s a good kid, she really is. And she brought up a good point about their father — though wasn’t Ailana really young when he died? Still, I imagine she would have heard the horror stories. I don’t imagine how she could not have.

    Lastly, Helewys is a very pretty name for Sophie and Daniel’s baby. :)

  2. OK didn’t like Abel in this one. He confuses me. When he’s acting all sweet and romantic (like the time when he built that chair for Persia) then I like him. But then I suppose some of Aldun’s ideas have rubbed off on him too well which is a pity.

    I also think that if Gabriel wasn’t being such a dickhead at the moment then Abel would have reacted differently. He might have actually listened to Persia. (but then I suppose that listening to a woman wasn’t highly thought of in those days.)

    And yes I blame Gabriel for everything. Just so you know;)

  3. Ailana will have been 8 when Aldun Died, Old enough to remember him I think.

    As for Abel i think the good guy part of him often wresles with the part of him that “thinks” it know’s what men are supposed to be like. Let’s face it “Aldun, Peter and Gabriel” not exactly the best role model’s. that and i think he suffer’s abit from youngest son complex and is desprate to prove he is as good as his siblings…. shame what they class as good and what we class as good arn’t always the same thing.

  4. Huh, and here I thought Ailana was about two when Aldun died. That explains a lot! :) Thanks, Leiela.

  5. I suppose that there’s a bit of sibling rivalry where Gabriel is concerned. In that chapter where all the noblemen were gathered at Vincents’ house, it certainly seemed like it. And there has been times before that as well.

    Damn, I wish I was studying psychology now instead of next year. That might enable me to understand Abel better.

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