Welcome World

Abel stared in awe of the baby in his arms, he was tiny … “A son” he grinned at Persia. 

“I knew you’d be happy” she replied, her hair glued to her face she looked exhausted even though the midwife had informed him her labour had been quick considering it was her first. 

“Is he healthy?” he asked looking at the midwife. 

She nodded, “Ten fingers and toes and a good set of lungs” she smiled “He fed well but is a little sleepy… but that’s not unusual it’s been a busy night for him” 

“What shall we call him?” he asked, the discomfort of getting her to conceive in the first place seeming a little inconvenience in comparison to the pride he felt holding his son in his arms. 

“You’re his father” Persia replied “I was leaving it to you” 

Abel paused, he’d thought about it a few times since his wife had been pregnant but now staring at his son the name Aldun after his father did not seem suitable. “Sebastian?” he suggested. 

“What does it mean?” 

“I don’t know” he chuckled “I just like it” 

“It could mean horse dug” she replied. Crinkling up her nose. 

“True” he agreed, “But we’ll love him anyway” 

“Then Sebastian it is” she smiled, “Can I hold him?” she asked “The midwife snatched him away so fast I barely had time to see” 

“The baby needed feeding” the midwife explained “I had to take him to the wet nurse” 

Abel nodded, heading the bed he struggled to place the baby in his wife’s arms, then settled down to perch beside her. “Can someone, get my gift bought in” he asked. 

Ailana nodded and snuck outside and a few minutes later two of the servants carried in the crib he’d been making bring it close to the bed so Persia could see. 

“It has the same design as my chair” she smiled, leaning forward so she could run her fingers over the engraving . “He’ll love the animal’s” 

“Im glad you think so, I’m making a rocking horse as well” he added, “But it’s not quite done I thought I had at least another week” 

Persia chuckled “I think he’s a little young for rocking, so I shouldn’t fret” 

“It’s time for you to leave” the midwife suddenly interrupted, “Your wife needs to sleep and the baby need’s to go to the nursery” 

“But… can’t I keep him here?” Persia protested. 

“He needs to sleep” the midwife reasoned “And so do you” 

“I know but his cot is here… Can’t he stay with me?” 

“No Persia, the midwifes right” Abel interrupted, “He should go to the nursery with the wet nurse” 

“I don’t understand” she replied, seeming to try very hard not to cry. “My mother kept all her baby’s with her … surely his place is with me” 

“Persia don’t make a scene” Abel whispered. “Noblewomen do not tend to their baby’s themselves” 

“But I want too” she murmured. 

Abel nodded, partially understanding he couldn’t say he wanted to let the baby from his sight either. “Could he stay… just tonight?” he suggested. 

The midwife nodded, “I suppose” she agreed reluctantly. “I’ll send for the wet nurse… but just tonight you understand. You don’t want him becoming too dependent on his mother it’s not good for either of them” 

“I agree” Abel nodded “Just tonight I promise”


One response to “Welcome World

  1. *singing* The seaweed is always greener / In somebody else’s lake. You dream about going up there / But that is a big mistake …

    In other words, welcome to the world, Sebastian! (And smart move, Abel. Don’t name your kid after your crazy rapist father whom your elder brother had to kill, back when he was nice and before he went cuckoo for cocoa puffs himself.)

    Kind of sad, though, that everybody wants to separate Persia from her baby … it’s her baby. It’s her first. Of course she wants him with her.

    Still, may young Sebastian live long and prosper! And may he not be too warped by his parents’ awful marriage.

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