Persia Go’s Into Labour

“I’m scared” Perisa wailed, grasping out and grabbing her husband’s hand as he stood helplessly beside her. Labour had started just moments ago is a huge wet gush, he’d run to call for help but now he stood quite aimlessly unsure as to what to do.   

“I should leave” Abel suggested, trying to wiggle his hand free of hers. 

“Don’t you dare leave me” she growled, though a contraction. Still able to stand she knew they would get worse before they got easier having seen plenty of birthings.  

“Yes but…” He started to protest. 

“You can leave when my women arrive” she hissed. “Not a moment before” 

“Alright” he nodded, “But perhaps you should at least lie down?” 

“I don’t want to lie down” she retorted, things had not been good between her and her husband since the day they’d been married. There where good days and bad days but mostly they tried to tolerate each other, but things had taken a turn for the worst since he’d returned for the Dacre’s wedding.

Moody was certainly not the strongest term she’s use for her behaviour, infact he’d been positively vile to all that encountered him, even his sister Ailana had expressed her concern, but right now for the first time in a week he seemed almost human. “It’s too soon” she mumbled, “Sophies supposed to go before me” 

“It will be fine” her husband assured her, rubbing her back in an attempt to calm her down. “I hear baby’s come when they are ready” 

“Abel why do you hate me?” she asked the question seeming to  leap from her mouth of it’s own accord.

“I don’t” he replied. 

“Yes you do” she sobbed though another contraction. “I don’t want a baby with a man who hates me” 

“I think it’s abit late for changing your mind now” 

“You know what I mean” she sobbed,  “I try to be a good wife…. But I don’t know what else to do” 

Abel sighed, “You are a good wife” he reasoned. 

“The why don’t you love me?” 

“Persia your about to be a mother” Abel reasoned, “The best mother any child could have… let’s focus on that” 

“Do you want to be a father?” she begged, though truthfully she knew the answer. The baby had been the only things that seemed to keep her husband going most days, he’d spent hours locked in his chambers over the past month, making what she only guessed was a crib because he wouldn’t allow her to see it.  She supposed she should be grateful at least it seemed to have distracted him from his late night visits and she no longer feared there was another woman involved. At least if there was it appeared to be over. 

“Yes im looking forward to it greatly” he reasoned. 

“Do you mind if it’s a girl?” 

“A boy would be better” he reasoned “But a daughter is also a blessing, now woman are you going to stop grilling me and focus on what your supposed to be doing” 

“I don’t know what I’m doing” she wailed, gripping his hand tightly though another contraction. “Where are my women?” she sobbed and right on queue the door opened and I came Sophie and Ailana along with the midwife. 

Seeing his sister’s Abel released Persia’s hand. “I’ll see you after” he promised, heading towards the women. “Sophie you don’t need to do this” he reasoned. 

“I want too” Sophie chirped, clapping happily and patting her brother on the arm before heading towards Persia. “You should be in your chambers” the queen scolded, guiding her towards her bedroom. 

“Abel!” Persia begged, unable to tear her gaze away from Sophie’s massive stomach. “It’s too early” she reasoned again, Sophie had been bigger than her from the start it was why she was so sure Sophie would go into labour first. 

“Silly…..” Sophie giggled, almost shoving her towards the door. “it’s not too early or too late… everything is right on time”


One response to “Persia Go’s Into Labour

  1. I hope everything is right on time! *sigh* Even if Persia and Abel don’t have the best marriage … by a long shot … I still hope Persia and the baby are all right. But Sophie being happy and giggly has to be a good sign, right? Right????

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