Gabriel Makes An Offer

“Is that what this is about?” Asha asked “You think my step father’s wife can give you a child?”

“She was mine first” he growled “Now get out of my sight” Gabriel demanded.

“Not without Daisy” Asha resorted.

“How dare you!” he hissed, “Another word and I’ll have you flogged, now leave before my generosity wear’s out”

“Asha come on” Farid urged, “he mean’s it. We need to leave”

“No” she replied stubbornly as much to his lordship as to Farid. “Don’t you understand, it doesn’t matter how many women you hurt. You are the problem”  

“Asha can we please go?” her brother begged again.

Suddenly she found his hand around her neck. “What do you know about it” he hissed.

“I have seen it” she gasped, not wanting to tell him her father had told her about her mother’s findings all those years ago. “Witch remember?”

“Tell me.. what is it you know?” he demanded.

Gasping he released her. “It’s hard to explain” she reasoned.

“You aren’t a witch” he accused. “Your nothing more than a pathetic whore. This is your final warning, get out of my house” he growled storming to the door and flinging it open. “Out”

It slammed shut.

“You were saying?” she laughed.

Gabriel’s eye’s opened wide as he realised she had closed it without so much as touching it.

Grabbing the door handle he struggled trying to open it, while she kept it pinned with her gift.  

“Asha this isn’t helping” Farid insisted his thoughts panicked.

“don’t worry” Asha reasoned “I have it under control”

“No .. no you don’t”

“Fine, you proved your point” He reasoned, “So tell me witch .. what exactly do you know?”

“That the problems your… one or a hundred women you won’t conceive again”

“Then Daisy lied too?” he asked suddenly looking somewhat lessened.

“No.. no Enora is yours”

“You would say that” he hissed, “You don’t want anything to happen to you fathers wife”

“No that’s not the case” she panicked.

“Then if I had one I can have another” he growled seeming half crazed “Daisy stays”

“Please re-think, she can’t do anything for you another can’t”

“I’ll take my chances” he hissed, “Unless you have a good reason for me to let her go?”

Asha sighed racking her brains for an argument. “Iet her go and I’ll …. I’ll … help.. I’ll help you produce a child” offered for lack of other idea’s.

“You’d have a child with me?” he asked seeming intrigued and interested by the idea “I suppose you do have noble blood”

“Eww…no!” she exclaimed “that’s not what I meant at all!”

“What are you doing?!” her brother exclaimed out loud this time.

Gabriel seemed put out by her obvious horror “You should be honoured” he growled.

“I mean I’ll help you and your wife conceive”  She explained. “with magic”

“You can do that?” her brother asked shocked reverting back to mental communication.

“No” she thought back “but mother had access to the sphere of life, it stands to reason im capable…. I’ll learn”

“You can do that?” Gabriel asked, “We already had one witch claim it”

“It didn’t work? Perhaps your witch was a fraud” She reasoned setting you own hand alight for dramatic effect.

“She got pregnant” he sneered “But not with my child, but I suppose that was not the fault of the witch” he admitted.

“So will you let her go?” Asha dared.

“Asha please lets go”  her brother begged.   

Gabriel seemed to ponder for a minute “She’s pregnant anyway” he nodded “fine you have a deal, but on one condition”

“Asha lets GO!” her brother begged again.

Ignoring him, Asha nodded “Whats that?”

“You stay here” Gabriel sneered, “I’ll let Daisy go home now but you will stay. Start with Brianna, then when I marry Dawn in the spring you make sure we conceive also”

“You want me to stay?! Here?!” she gasped.

“Yes, how else am I to insure you do as you say?”

“Can’t you just take my word?”

“The word of a witch” he scoffed. “No the deal is you stay.. Brianna then Dawn… When I hold my heir then you’ll be free to go”

“You want me to wait till one of them gives’ birth?” she asked in disbelief.

“Technically you are MY property” he replied smugly “and if you don’t do exactly as I say you will find your father’s life suddenly gets very difficult”

Feeling her heckles rising “What’s preventing me from just killing you now” she growled.

“I’ve met killer’s” he replied simply “You don’t have that look in your eye. So make your choice.. stay and provide my heir or leave and you’re your father can give up on seeing his wife again. So what do you choose?”

2 responses to “Gabriel Makes An Offer

  1. Is that how Sophie saw Dawn have a baby with Gabriel? Asha helps him?

    Although, really, Gabriel, telling Asha she should be honored? You KILLED Jaedyn! Who cares if you’re of noble blood? Any girl with an ounce of self-preservation or a feeling that she had other options would be running away, FAR away!

    Being alive trumps being with a nobleman EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, bud.

    But at least Asha should be able to keep Gabriel from hurting her … she can always just throw him out the door and hold it shut with her mind. Right? Right????

  2. I don’t think Asha will have any trouble stopping Gabriel hurting her directly.

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