Lar’s Wakes

Having returned from the spirit world Kaitlyn had gone straight to Lar’s side, she didn’t know what the future held for the pair.  Wether or not she could ever learn to trust and love him, but the bear had certainly given her plenty to think about. 

If nothing else she was grateful the bear had not seen fit to defend him or tell her she was wrong and had infact given her the reassurance that she was within her right to be hurt and angry.

Tired and exhausted from her trip she’d crawled up onto the bed beside him to sleep without even bothering to get undressed, curling up into a spot she’d not slept in since Alistairs return.  

The light was ebbing when she finally woke evidence that she’d slept comfortably well into the next day. Stretching she found Lars’ arm draped comfortably over her waist. “Are you awake?” she whispered.

“Aye Lass” came the reply.

“Im glad your wake” she replied, shifting and turning until she faced him.

“An I’m glad to see yer here waitin fer me”

“Don’t be getting any idea’s” she replied sternly “This doesn’t mean, everything’s forgotten”

“I don’t” he agreed, “So what does it mean?”

Kaitlyn paused, not really sure “I suppose it means im willing for us the try and work things out” 

Lar’s nodded, his face was still a sickly gray a sure sign that his body was not yet done with it’s healing and was still very sick “Sounds good” he replied “So what’s bin goin on?” 

“Oh what isn’t going on?” Kaitlyn replied, not resiting as he pulled her into his arms. “Vincent has removed the demon from Tarik and convinced The hunter to help us” 

“Not bad for a wyrm” Lar’s chuckled. 

“Tariks not out of the woods yet, Vincent’s unsure how much of his mind is left. He hasn’t been conscious much and when he is he just mumbles incoherently but I belive Quillen plan’s to take him back to the mountains. Vincent has .. I believe married a human girl … Christopher Vaux’s sister” 

Lar’s grunted “Will wonders ever cease, does she know what’s she’s getting into?” 

“I don’t believe so” Kaitlyn reasoned. “Oh and Heather has deemed Alice ready to take some test of other… which Duncan is insisting he be allowed to do with her” 

“Arh ma girl” Lars smiled “So what’s wit Duncan he finally taking a shin ter Alice?” he asked misunderstanding. 

“No” she replied “A shine to a very forward and unladylike garou by the name of Ailith” 

Lar’s chuckled, “Thinkin wit his pants, he’s growin into a young man fast. So why’s he taking the test?” 

“Because I won’t give him permission to mate with her” Kaitlyn reasoned. “He wants to be declared an adult” 

“Seems ter be getting into the spirit o things” Lar’s noted.  “Still rite o passage might do him some good” 

“He won’t get hurt will he Lars?” 

“Perhaps” Lar’s nodded, “Yer shouldn’t worry, it ain’t designed fer killing off our young” 

“Duncan is human” she reminded him. 

“Aye true, but he’s bin trained ter fight aint he? I won’t deny it might hurt him a touch.  Heather wouldn’t let him do if it were dangerous. Still think of it this way.. if he pass’s he’ll be accepted as an equal in the sept, even get himself some rank. Malcome, Bronwyn’s mate has done it and he managed just fine” 

“Malcome is kin” 

“Ain’t much difference. Kait don’t worry the lad will be fine” He reassured her “Now what’s a guy gotta do ta get a bite ter eat?”


One response to “Lar’s Wakes

  1. YAAAY! Lars is awake!!

    Excuse me, I need to go do a happy dance.

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