Bronwyn Speaks For Duncan

“Why don’t we go and talk somewhere a little more private” Bronwyn cut in, “I’m sure things can be cleared up if we can sit down and talk” 

Heather nodded, “Good Idea, I believe we have other items on the agenda” 

“Come on” Bronwyn smiled to Kaitlyn “Let’s go inside, we’ll have a talk and then Duncan can join us when we’ve straightened things out”

Kaitlyn nodded, at least willing to talk. Truthfully she was a little fed up of Bronwyn’s interference but the looks Duncan gave her convinced to at least listen to what she had to say.


Once inside the pair took a seat at the dinner table, “Kaitlyn I understand this is a shock for you, I’m sure I’ll be the same way when Aodh gets to the age when he’d interested in girls” 

“You don’t understand at all” she snapped, “He has a future to think about” 

“Kaitlyn all teenage boys have a future whether it’s grand or not” Bronwyn replied “I think you’ve misunderstood what is happening, I know it sounds very serious but Ailiths announcement of intentions actually had very little to do with the ‘act’ of mating” 

“Then what was it?” 

“Erm… I suppose she was asking permission to court him.. I guess … like when a boy asks a girls father for permission to take her to dinner you understand?” 


“I understand but why didn’t she just ask me?” 

“We are a dying breed.. we are in a war which we are losing and pairings for our kind are generally very carefully picked. We aren’t like humans we can’t breed willy nilly and hope for the best” 

“Duncan is too young to be breeding at all” she snapped, frustrated for someone who said it wasn’t about the act, she was already talking about it. 

“Yes I understand that… so is Ailith really” Bronwyn smiled, “but if can you imagine what it would be like for them if they didn’t need permission to date, perhaps started seeing each other, fell in love and then when they were ready to mate they asked, only for us to turn around and forbid it? It’s kinder this way we put a stop to relationships before they can get attached.” 

“Why would you do that?” 


“Many reason’s really, we prefer to encourage those of the wolf to mate with kinfolk so that is often a factor, there is a greater chance for the wolf nature to reveal it’s self in children of that sort of mating. Silverfangs especially are picky about choosing mates for their offspring as they like to make sure the bloodline is pure. We don’t cross breed, so a Silverfang would almost never mate with kinfolk from a different tribe and when we can’t find Kinfolk we tend to choose mates of human noble birth, which is why I know Lar’s was hoping Duncan would take a shiny to Alice. It’s also important that the human part of any coupling is suitable, human society deems men the dominant half of a pairing so for female garou it’s especially important that there is no risk of them being separated from their children. A human man may cast his wife out but keep his children with him…. That can be a very dangerous situation for all involved”. 

“I still don’t really understand” 

Bronwyn nodded, “It’s just a simple case that we have to monitor Ailith, we need to keep track of her line and if there was a possible chance in the future for her and Duncan to get to a position where they where physical enough for children that we knew in advance. As it happens there is no real reason that Ailith and Duncan can’t mate as far as we are concerned, he knows of our nature and I believe he would understand the consequences of any children produced.  Leaving my only real concern for Duncan being of a somewhat more mundane nature… such as whether or not he can handle a Fury, not all men can” Bronwyn chuckled. 

“I still don’t like it” Kaitlyn decided, “as you put it, what if they fall in love and want to marry?” 

“Fury’s don’t marry” Bronwyn assured her “I wouldn’t expect a relationship to last more than a few months before Ailith get’s bored and Duncan get’s frustrated by her attitude towards him” 

“What do you mean her attitude?” 

“Fury’s tend to view men as a lesser species, she’ll expect and demand to be the dominant member of the relationship. I can’t imagine Duncan will like asking her for permission to do things any more than he likes asking you and she won’t take kindly to him trying to be her equal” 

“Then why is he with her?” 

“Because she’s a girl” Bronwyn laughed, “and he’s a hormonal teenage boy.  Let me put it this way, you can continue to oppose the relationship and he’ll fight you which will just make him more determined, Or you can accept that he’s thinking with what’s in his pants right now, give him some time and wait till his brain takes over and he’ll realise they aren’t suited on his own. One option turn’s you into the bad guy… the other leaves you to be the shoulder to cry on when it all goes wrong” 

“And your certain he’ll work this out on his own” 

Bronwyn nodded “There is a difference between dating a strong woman and dating a fury” she assured her “she’s attracted to him because he is a strong and independent boy, half the fun is in trying to break him…. It’s just what fury’s do but I would bet he’ll come out of it stronger”

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